[BANNER] 1853 $1 GOLD!! Holed, Scratchy, Slightly Bent But Ill Take It!
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Thread: 1853 $1 GOLD!! Holed, Scratchy, Slightly Bent But Ill Take It!

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    Feb 2005
    West Michigan
    A stick with a box at one end and a round thing on the other.
    583 times
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    1853 $1 GOLD!! Holed, Scratchy, Slightly Bent But I'll Take It!

    Hey all,

    after 30+ yrs detecting now - dug my 2nd Gold coin in the last 9 yrs

    Went back to my trusty Brothel site that I've been working since last fall tonight for a 2 hr hunt. Was checking on a few other sites out that way to see if I could get into any of them but they're not ready yet so I opted for the backup and boy am I glad I did!

    Last time out I used the CTX 3030 when I found the Seated dime and 1865 Indian head

    this time was the Deus's turn

    found in a mix of machine gun iron - was reading like complete junk (#s jumpin from 29 to 36) and sounded like tin crap but being where I was = "dig"!!
    (you can tell it was punched with a nail or the like - not "drilled")

    Also worth mention:

    1867 Injun in VF/XF cond. (full Liberty and nice)
    1865 cruddy 2 cent piece
    Huge Rimfire cartridge of some type - looks like whatever lead was in it could take down a buffalo!
    Found Abe Lincoln too

    Pictures tell the rest of the story... (Enjoy) and thanks for reading/lookin

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    Detect smarter, not harder.

    Mar 2014
    17th century
    Minelab CTX 3030 & XP Deus
    13535 times
    FOUNDING MEMBER: Basstards of Bramble
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    Awesome! Rare and awesome ultimate find...

    Banner baby!
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    "Take the detecta-drama elsewhere - I'm just here to dig!"

    Running totals:

    Hammered Silvers - 2
    Hammered Coppers - 1
    Milled Spanish Silver - 14
    Transitional US State Coppers - 9
    United States Cent/Half cent Coppers - 131
    British & Other colonial Coppers - 107
    Slick coppers - too painful to talk about
    Silver Coins - We’ll over a 1000

    Favourite Finds:
    1665 1-reale Spanish Cob
    Revolutionary War stirrup
    1812 2nd Regiment Artillarists pewter button
    1695 Willam 3rd Halfpenny in excellent condition
    G.W. Inagural Buttons - 6 Point Estoile cuff variety
    Love token etched on 1859 seated Dime
    1831 Louis Phillippe 1st - 5 Franc
    1783 Nova Constelatio, Crosby-3C &. Crosby-1B
    1749 Regal King George II Farthing
    1776 Counter King George iii

    If it ain't at least seated, it aint Sh*t

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    Diggin up TEXAS!

    Sep 2009
    Fort Worth,Texas
    CTX 3030 / AT PRO / Etrac w/ NEL
    3739 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Awesome Find man! Im dreaming of seeing one of those pop out one day

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    Mar 2012
    941 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Nice digs.
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    May 2011
    porterville calif...
    fisher 1212x,whites mxt
    687 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Charter Member

    Jun 2014
    NE Ohio
    Garrett Ace 250, White's Bullseye TRX
    486 times
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    Jul 2012
    Poconos, Nw.NJ & Delaware Valley
    XP Orx, XP Deus Lite , Teknetics T2, Fisher f19
    1621 times
    Relic Hunting
    Truly AWESOME!!! Congratulations bud,
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    Apr 2014
    Bourbon IN.
    ace 350
    155 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    alright way to go. second 1 dollar gold coin found in short period of time. they are out there but you got to dig every signal. so big congrats and banner vote going in!!!!!
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    May 2013
    City of Rensselaer (upstate NY)
    Minelab Equinox 800-Explorer SE -Sovereign-GT- -Whites 6000 Di pro SL-Specturm XLT.
    7585 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Jul 2012
    SE Va
    Minelab Equinox 800, Minelab CTX 3030 (17", 11", 6" coils), Minelab Excalibur 800, Minelab Excalibur 1000 (w/OBN's Remote Pinpoint mod and CTX headphone connector)
    2838 times
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    Great find man! Banner!
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    Jun 2012
    Northeast PA
    Minelab Etrac Garrett Propointer Garrett Propointer-AT Sampson T handle shovel
    10961 times
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    heck yeah!! great gold coin, sucks that it has a hole but hey who cares!!! that's awesome, banner vote is in!
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    Roger Riney

    Dec 2009
    Manila, Arkansas
    Bounty Hunter Pioneer 101 with Bounty Hunter Headphones and TX-2002 Pin Pointer
    91 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Nice gold coin among all those other very nice finds. Like that Lincoln Head too!
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    Roger (YardDigger)

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    Dec 2013
    Garrett at pro
    190 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    GZ! u have my vote banner!

    Sent from my GT-S6500D using Tapatalk 2
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    Standing Firm in the Faith, Wherever I May Roam- Nothing Else Matters

    Jan 2006
    Cape Cod
    Minelab Explorer SE Pro, Explorer XS, Fisher CZ6A
    4747 times
    Metal Detecting
    Banner Finds (1)
    Congrats on the incredible finds! I'd gladly dig a bunch of junk for the keepers you landed! Also congrats on your SECOND gold coin- 23 years plus at this and no gold coins yet for me.. Can't wait to see your third!

    -- Jeff --
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    Member of Northwest Treasure Hunters

    Nov 2013
    Spokane Wa
    Garrett At Pro, 8 x11" and Nel Storm coils Garrett Propointer er, Pro Pointer AT White's V3i Standard, 10" DD, 13" Ultimate and 4 x6" sniper, 6 x10 coils, Drect 12 x 15 coil Whites MX Sport With Detec
    2641 times
    Metal Detecting
    Any gold is awesome, congrats
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