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    Feb 2005

    kennedy half dollar

    found a 1974 kennedy half dollar this eve. probably not a special find but first half dollar i have seen in 30 yrs . worth anything

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    Carl in CO

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    The black book says face value unless uncirculated. Nonetheless, a rare find! Congratulations. A half would make my day. I'd like to hear the details. How deep, how did it sound?

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    Re: kennedy half dollar


    I have only been detecting for about 10 months and was fortunate enough to find a 1950 half right next door. It sure is fun to dig those big coins, isn't it?

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    May 2003
    upstate ny
    20 times

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    I got 3 eisenhower dollars in my change 2 days ago. I was there when the store clerk dug them out of the cash box. Does that count as dug treasure? lol
    We are living in the moment, digging up the past for the future to see.

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    May 2003
    upstate ny
    20 times

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    Oh yes I almost forgot. I found a kennedy double die that no one seems to be able to tell me about. I'll have to dig up the pics I took and post them later. Jason
    We are living in the moment, digging up the past for the future to see.

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    Dec 2004
    wilmington nc
    used to own a whites dfx. i dont currently own a machine. cant wait to save up for a new machine
    23 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    maybe its only worth .50 but its still a cool find. i have yet to find anything larger than a quarter.

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    Re: kennedy half dollar

    Great find.

    It's worth about 50 cents Actually, it's priceless to you, right

    I found one the other day, a 1971 in great shape. First one I've found as well. Very cool find! Congrats.

    Here is a pic of the one I found:


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    Jan 2005
    3 times

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    Lots of fun! I've found only one half and that was years ago. Reading these posts have got me stoked! I can only get a couple of hours of swinging the loop every week and it's driving me nuts.

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    Feb 2005
    SE Indiana
    4 times

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    I once detected a yard 20' x 20' for three hours digging all kinds of coins and relics. Thought I had it all. Went back the next day and right dead center found a kennedy half dollar. Clearly wa not newly dropped. Somehow I missed a big coin like that the first day. A site is never truly hunted out

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    Oct 2004
    East Tennessee
    6 times

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    I have found two half's in the past two months. I found a 1945 and 1943 walking liberty half I have never found a half before January but have found two since then. They are out there both came from yards of old houses. I am still hunting for my first silver dollar.

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    Jan 2005
    Texas Gulf Coast
    Ace 250

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    Neat find! Love them half dollars!

    Marcia  the treasure_lady
    Happy Hunting!

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    Re: kennedy half dollar

    A couple years back, I was fortunate enough to find two Kennedy's within a week of each other but at different places. An '86 at a local soccer field, and the very next weekend, a '72 behind my old kindergarten school. What a great feeling to dig up a big coin like that.

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    Jan 2005
    Central Indiana

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    cool find! my fiance found 1 last year and i found 2 walkers.love seein them big coins come out of the ground!

    whites mxt,dd1400 coil

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    Minelab Metal Militia

    Aug 2004
    Smoky Mountains
    Minelab Whites
    25 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    Great digs, everyone 8)

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    Jan 2004

    Re: kennedy half dollar

    Congrats on the half, they will surely make your day


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