Caltrop or not
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    Oct 2015
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    Caltrop or not

    I found a 6 pointed metal object 4 points around the side & a point on both ends it's roughly 1/2 inch wide and 1 inch long made of what seems to be a high carbon steel I posted to a site to see what it was one guy commented that it was a Civil War era caltrop but the admin of site said his EXPERT said it was a jackstone a precursor to the game of jacks we all know once I knew what to look for a simple google search brought up 100's of images of exactly what I had. When I sent him the pics and the link to the site he told me his expert was right and the were confused for caltrops all the time I've added pictures through the attachments part of the thread could someone please take a look and tell me if I'm right or wrong my e-mail is thank you for you all of your time.

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    There is no history of caltrops used in the civil war. What is you have is most likely a early version of a jack.
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