[BANNER] 1833 Slave Tag in Charleston
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Thread: 1833 Slave Tag in Charleston

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    1833 Slave Tag in Charleston

    Went to Charleston to visit my sister this weekend as a late Christmas. Carolina Tom(also known as Coin Kicker) called and said him and Todd Lipe both of the Charlotte Silver Mafia were going down also. Tom asked if I could find us a place to all hunt together on Sunday. I found a place and was there at sunrise on Sunday morning. They wouldn't be at site for a couple hours so I started hunting. 30 minutes later I pulled this Tag out. I called CT/CK and sent him a picture. Come to find out they were an hour away and stopped for gas and hunting an old school. Well I think they made it to the site in record time. I stopped hunting after calling Tom hoping they would find something good. We all drove up to site about the sametime.I finally got to meet Todd. And he is a super guy to hunt with too. I dug a Large Cent and some clad. Tom got a signal and kicked it with his foot but didn't dig it. About 15 minutes later I walked by his kick mark.and got a signal. Up.pops another Large Cent. I tried to explain to Tom unlike up in Charlotte you can't kick the coins out of the ground. We didn't find much else except for a cannonball fragment.But it wasn't from lack of effort. The first pic is like it came out of ground and I'm slowly trying to clean it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20160112_161032.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20160112_162818.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20160112_062618.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20160112_163011.jpg 
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ID:	1259480

    As a side note this piece of history would be lost by the end of summer as construction on some buildings are starting soon
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    Sweet man


    Coming to a Cellar near you...

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    Banner find brother. You heard it here first! Second, as Blaze beat me to it.

    CONGRATS on one of the finest relics I have ever seen... and held in my little hand.
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    That's a pretty incredible find. Congratulations!

    Banner nomination sent
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    Ya know, I wonder why more of these don't turn up?
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    Congratulations TBD. An awesome find. It was a treat to get to hold that in my hands. Banner find all day long.
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    No doubt a banner find...d2
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    An awesome piece of SC history at its best. . . well done!!!!
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    Awesome save! In great shape too. I know how it feels to hold a piece of history like that in your hand, it's unreal! Super huge congrats and banner vote in!
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    One heck of a find! Banner vote.
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    Good gravy. Banner all day long.
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    It looks much better on the IPad than my cheap phone lol. That is one piece of our history that ( like someone else said ) you'd think would show up more often on hunts. It looks copper? Or is it brass? Congrats on something Vino hasn't found yet lol.

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    HUGE find, congratulations! Banner vote on its way!
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    Aug 2013
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    Amazing bit of History, i need to add that to my bucket list.
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    Oct 2009
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    One of the best slave tags I've ever seen posted here!
    There have been several posted around that have had a restoration done and this one even trumps them!
    A truly unique find to the Charleston area and to this site too!
    Well done!
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