Frozen toes day 2
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Thread: Frozen toes day 2

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    Nov 2013
    Spokane Wa
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    Frozen toes day 2

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Photo on 1-15-16 at 3.40 PM.jpg 
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Name:	Photo on 1-15-16 at 3.40 PM #2.jpg 
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Name:	Photo on 1-15-16 at 3.41 PM.jpg 
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Name:	Photo on 1-15-16 at 3.42 PM.jpg 
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Name:	Photo on 1-15-16 at 3.43 PM.jpg 
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    Went back to the abandoned house again today but it was much colder. Found a group of clad but not as much as yesterday. found a 1917 S wheat in the same drive way I found the 1917 D yesterday. Also got a really worn 1926 S Merc that was 2" underneath a 1962 penny in the same hole. Found this lucky guy and a 8gig micro memory card it works. Thanks for looking, unfortunately we are looking at more snow tomorrow NO NO NO
    Here's a link to my finds

    Happy Hunting MackDog

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    Oct 2011
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    Good score on the silver.

    Regards + HH

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    Dec 2015
    Maryland's eastern shore
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    Nice finds congrats
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    Sep 2013
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    Nice finds the penny in average condition is worth 95 cents. If it's a wheat and from what I can make out as an S for mint mark.
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    Feb 2015
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    Nice green pants. Congrats on some goodies.
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    Name:  9.gif
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    The Urban Pirate

    Jul 2014
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    I like this collection of finds. If you told someone in 1917 that by the year 2016 there would exist a device smaller and lighter than a penny that could hold more information within it than an entire warehouse of filing cabinets and that it would be so inexpensive that everyone could afford one, they'd call you mad and lock you up. Also tell them that money in 2016 is no longer silver but simply information on a plastic card, they'd call you a nut, yet here we are
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    Jun 2014
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    I believe the bottom pic looks like Rat Fink. Congrats on the silvers
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    Nov 2015
    North Ga.
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    That merc was in circulation for a while! Ratfink reminds me of the troll dolls years ago. Congrats
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    Unveiler of "Soiled" Secrets...

    Jan 2012
    Southwest Missouri
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    Rat Fink, the epitome of late 1960's Hot Rod animation created by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, and so cool. Congrats on the silver and fun finds. Sub
    Name:  rat fink.jpg
Views: 164
Size:  14.1 KB
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    I know LEO and Fire badges...I know toy soldiers...I am learning about everything else from you!

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    What "unearth" are you doing out there?



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