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Thread: What a day...some unique finds including 1600s to civil war (confederate brass!)

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    Dan - Great finds. Nice ID on the brass cover for the patch box. I had never seen such an ID before on T-Net.
    got Mass Silver?

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    A little late to the party Dan, but man those cuff links are incredible. The jeweled button is not to shabby either. Glad the hard work paid off
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    What a great bunch of finds. I am so jelly

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is there any place in Virginia, that the Civil War did not touch
    That is a really nice haul if history.

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    What a great bunch of finds. The cufflinks are my favorite too. It's funny how many chinese coins pop up, old ones too. The stock plate is really neat.
    I still haven't found any weights yet. so I think they're great too. Nice to have all that land to hunt! WTG!

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    Sorry Honey, I can’t. I’ve got plans with my metal detector.

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    Outstanding hunt...all of it!

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    Old Tom Cat.

    Jan 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by HomeGuardDan View Post
    On thursday evening I finally got an in at a site that I have been hoping to get on for quite some time now. Confirmed on Friday and provided literally the keys to the gates and on Saturday Bill D and I ran out to check it out. First though I have a little catch up. The previous weekend, I managed to get out for a short and snowy return visit to the site that let Bill and I down a few weeks ago. I spent 4 or 5 hours walking some new and old fields and while I managed a hand full of buttons and another 1736-1795 Kao Tsung (Ch'ien-Lung Dynasty) Chinese coin it was lack luster. This is another 1700's Chinese coin and joins the family of several that came from an adjacent farm. That and a tudor rose cufflink seemed to be the better of the finds. I am confident a decent find will come from this site, but not the quantity I had hoped.

    On to yesterday, this site was historically rich from the 1600-1700s. However, there also was quite a bit civil war activity which means that I felt it had likely seen diggers before, most likely night vultures. Sadly, it seemed to be the case as while Bill and I found a decent amount, you could easily tell that it had been dug heavily over the years. This was a 300+ acre site, so we had our work cut out to cover as much of it as possible. We started out checking some likely colonial sites and while we saw signs of a dwelling that once existed, the finds were few and far. I managed to dig a nice set of 1700's mourning urn cufflinks and a couple of other buttons from the site. We then decided to take a long walk into the lower fields which did produce a nice early buckle and a surprise pocket civil war bullets. Sadly the other house site that I knew was on or near the property border seemed to be just across the lane on another property (to be continued...).

    After a long walk we headed back to where we started. We decided to head back to the truck for lunch and I picked a high knoll that had some brick and lots of modern and old trash mixed in that we walked through earlier in the morning. Once ascending the hill I dug a neat little target that looked like a coin or token. After getting home it was truly a unique find as it was kind of a both. This is a dated 1847 W & T Avery apothecary weight (2 scrupel) and certainly something that I did not know existed. Literally 5 feet later I hit another nice tone, and I half expected it to be another civil war bullet or perhaps coin. Out popped a big two piece button and to my surprise it was a North Carolina state seal confederate button!

    After lunch we took a long stroll and checked on a few sites before ending back up where we first started during the morning. Surprisingly, the finds picked up as I began to dig buttons, buckles and other odds and ends (including a nice glass inset button). Two civil war artillery friction primers (the brass tubes) also surfaced, both being fired which was unique as the site did not see fighting.

    At the end of the day I decided to walk back to where the NC button came from when I received a nice deep but high and large tone. I did not expect it to be much more than big brass farm equipment when to my surprise out popped the Brass patch stock case cover to a model 1841 musket (Whitney, Harpers Ferry). These were fairly common muskets used by confederate troops and due to its proximity to the NC button and presence of bullets and friction primers, I feel confident it was war used. I also feel confident the rest of the gun is mixed in somewhere as the entire piece is intact and this would have been affixed to the musket stock.

    I did find some proof to show those individuals who call every brass screw a frizzen pan or jaw screw from flint lock muskets. I have long debated that these are actually furniture parts and surely this proof shows that as it is A. still attached to the furniture plate and B. attached by a screwed washer.

    My total finds for the day include 12 buttons, the token/weight, gun part and other odds and ends (bridle chain, large portion to early bell, etc.). While this site too will not provide the quantity of relics I had hoped, it will by all expectations, produce a few really good finds.


    I can not believe I missed your post , (to busy ranting & TMI I Guess).

    Super nice finds & a Great assortment of them .

    Congratz on the Banner.
    As I am finding , In life we begin having the Blissful happiness & the Wonder & innocence of a Child, then fall Quickly, then spend the rest of our lives trying to reach that point where we began ,through Pleasure , Fame, & Materials but Only 'Through true faith in Jesus , can we find Prefect Happiness or true Meaning in our Short lives on this Beautiful Earth filled with both the Light of Pure goodness & The Darkness of Pure Evil. D.

    That Said, I judge No Man.

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    Wow!! Nice finds Dan! You always kill em!!

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    So many old sites to hunt....so little time.

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    Looks like you were pretty busy digging. Your display stump is chock full 'O artifacts. Great hunt!
    Best Finds:

    1786 Vermont Landscape Copper (Ryder 7 variety)
    1787 Vermont Copper
    1787 New Jersey Copper (Maris 63 variety)
    1797 and 1804 DBLCs
    George Washington Inaugural Button (GW 1 type)
    1872 Indian Head Cent (VF/EF condition)
    1866 Indian Head Cent (EF condition)
    1864 "L" Indian Head Cent
    Hard Times Tokens---2
    1840 Gen. Harrison Campaign Token
    1832 Nova Scotia Halfpenny Token
    Two cent pieces---7
    1721 King George I
    1732 King George II
    Barber Half dollars---3
    War Of 1812 Shoulder Belt Plate

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    Detect everyday like it's the last day of the season!

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    Dan, I'm just blown away by your finds man!

    What an amazing hunt and post, congrats on making BANNER #3 my friend!

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    What a day...some unique finds including 1600's to civil war (confederate bra...

    Congrats Dan! I personally think you should have more banners by now especially your water finds!!

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    Dec 2015
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    Totally terrific! I have to say Virginia is a great hunting place! You have some great finds--Congrats!

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    Nov 2013
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    Very cool finds
    Instagram: @surroundedbywild

    God Bless


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