Tearing Down Our School Part II
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    Mar 2007
    south central ohio
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    Tearing Down Our School Part II

    I went last night for about 45 minutes until after dark, and then back this morning early.. I managed 4 more wheaties.... nothing older than 1940, which is about what the site dates to.... then I found this 1947 Rosey..... the 3 Marbles.... a key... this little metal piece(which I have no idea what it is) a drawer knob(I think) and a Chucky Cheese Token from 1998..... If any of you actually live near one I will gladly trade one wheat cent for the token.... Just message me woth your address and I will send...

    All the wheaties and silver were VERY deep for me.... my Spectrum XLT did gp down about 8 inches for even the wheaties.... I never did get a clear signal... and had to dig ALOT of junk..... the rest of the yard has been hit very hard in recent years.... even I "hunted it out" a few years back... I managed probably 150 coins there..... but no silver then....I plan to go back as time permits but not making it a top priority at this point... if anyone is close to southern ohio and would like to hunt there I will gladly give you directions and would even go with you for a little bit.... There maybe be some good coins left.... just so much junk..... Off tomorrow to go around a house the Amish bought that dates from 1836.......

    The Rosey came out shiney.... then tarnished throughout the day,,, the '42 Washington did that yesterday.....
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    Jun 2007
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    Re: Tearing Down Our School Part II

    A friend of mine stopped by to visit me at work today... he was on his way to Chucky Cheese's with his children

    He could have used that token for Wack-A-Mole

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    What a great hobby this is...

    Apr 2007
    Tulsa, OK
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    Re: Tearing Down Our School Part II

    Nice finds Minton... Can't wait to see what you find at the Amish site...

    HH Robert

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    Re: Tearing Down Our School Part II

    Those are some enticing relics indicating more is there!
    Good luck at the Amish site...
    Keep safe and keep diggin'...



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