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Thread: In The Middle Of Nowhere

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    Apr 2012
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    In The Middle Of Nowhere

    Total finds from Monday. I started the day arrowhead hunting with no luck. I didn't find the two arrowheads until late in the afternoon, after I had finished detecting.
    This was on a ridge in the middle of a field I was arrowhead hunting on. I've learned to bring my detector with me and, when I find a couple shards of crockery, china, or square nails, I will often break out the detector. This time paid off!
    Found were 2 round musket balls, 3 flat buttons (stamped "treble gilt")
    I also found a bunch of pieces of an old cast iron kettle, horseshoes, etc. But the best find was the large "coin" which turned out to not be a coin at all.
    It had an interesting design & it took me quite a while to pin it down, but finally.. It's a clasp or cover to something, or maybe a pendant worn on the jacket.. The design (hand holding a heart, eye in the sky above the fingers, with cascading rays. Left of the hand are 3 chain links, and a sheep or goat below) is a common collection of symbols of the Independent Order Of Odd Fellows!
    Neat huh? Well, the odd fellows have been around for a very long time in England, etc, but didn't really exist in the states until the early 1800's when they separated from their English counterparts and became "independent" around 1817. They became officially chartered around 1830's (which is also when the first chapter was established in Missouri). To what extent the owner of this piece was involved with the organization, and what exactly the piece was affixed to may never be known. To me, it's fascinating & a priceless piece of history.
    Oh, and the pink thing is a piece of rose quartz I picked up because I thought it was neat.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Jan 2013
    Col. Falls, Montana
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    Nice hunt, awesome arrowheads.

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    Jul 2012
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    Great finds! The Odd Fellows piece is awesome!

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    Mar 2014
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    Nice digs. It's funny what we find in the middle of nowhere. Great arrowheads. I've never found one

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    Sep 2006
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    Beautiful points and relics!

    Research and ye shall find!

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    Jan 2012
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    Name:  original.jpg
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    Feb 2016
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    I got to admit, this is one of my favorite today's finds posts. Those are beautiful arrow heads. I love the odd fellows pendent also.

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    Dec 2015
    Maryland's eastern shore
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    13036 times
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    Congrats on a great day
    Growing old is not for sissies I thought it would take longer to get old.

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    d2 is offline
    Mar 2005
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    Great finds!!! I am a fan of the road less traveled too. If I come across a decent skid trail or new logging road in the middle of nowhere I am going to detect it. Sometimes there doesn't even have to be a road just a pretty place with open woods...d2
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    Charter Member
    Feb 2015
    6314 times
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    Nowhere was somewhere way back when. Looks like you found the way back when. Love them arrowheads. Great finds, Congrats!
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    Aug 2010
    Birmingham, AL
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    Pretty good for the middle of nowhere!!
    Good Luck to All!

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    Unveiler of "Soiled" Secrets...

    Jan 2012
    Southwest Missouri
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    That was a great hunt and I am sure you are going to hit that place hard now! Sub
    I know LEO and Fire badges...I know toy soldiers...I am learning about everything else from you!

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    What "unearth" are you doing out there?

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    Jul 2015
    Port Allegheny, Pennsylvania
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    Excellent hunt,,, the arrowheads are top shelf and thank you for the recap on the Odd Fellows history.
    That is indeed a very nice medallion / token/ pendant.



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