crawl space???
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    Jan 2005

    crawl space???

    So I slept in on friday, then I thought I could use the day off.....(Who doesn't??) anyways, I go and call my buddy up and he's moving some boat motors (he's a marine mechanic). I help him and he invites me to dinner so I go. His house is old and the basement has a section full of dirt. You know, like a room full of dirt with about 3 feet of space between the ceiling and the dirt. There was some junk in there and very dusty. I tell him I am going to metal detect in this dirt. (why not?? its not like I have a hot date on a friday night or anything!) He says "go for it, I got a whole bottle of Jim Beam we can share". So, I go home, get the detector, go back, get a jim beam, and crawl into this dusty hole. I find a bunch of nothind but nails. He is at the entrance way looking at stuff. He bends down and picks up a coin shaped object. He says that he found something and gives it to me. I look at it and spit on it and look at it again. It is a 1935 wheat cent. Figures, I am the one with the detector and he just picks it off the ground. That was the only coin found that night. It was nice to use the detector for a while though... I can't wait for all this snow to melt. It is funny though, the oldest coins i have found while detecting (if it was me who found it or not) have been American coins.(I live in Canada) The oldest Canadian coin I have found was my very first find with my detector and it was a 1942 dime. I will post a pic sooner or later.

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    Jan 2005
    Stanfield, Oregon
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    Re: crawl space???

    Huizer! It helps to share the Jim Beam AFTER you detect. Just kidding! You never know what you'll find under there. Look back a ways for teh posts by Nick1878. You'll be back in the basement in no time.
    Welcome to the Forum & be sure to keep us posted on your finds. Spotz

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    Jul 2004
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    Re: crawl space???

    Great story,,, I don't think them people lost anything back that long ago...
    I too recently detected my crawl space, found a few old goodies, no coins though...
    Got a post on here somewhere with some of my finds,,, going to post a follow up on it here soon...



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