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Thread: Triple gold with ICE

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    Nov 2012
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    Triple gold with ICE

    Now, it's after midnight, so don't yell at me about today's finds. The beach has been very good to me this year. I have a quart and a cup of change, several gold items, some other jewelry, all kinds of stuff, even assisted a young lady find her cell phone yesterday (she spied it first).

    Anyway, The rings on either end were just found. On the left, the Irish Claddagh ring, think that's spelled right, was a surprise. I also had someone help me with the identification. I just "missed" it with the sand scoop and saw the ring with stone face down sticking out of the side of the sand, close to the "ground", well away from the water. It was vertical, that is, edge up. The Deus' new 9" elliptical coil spotted it about 6" down. What a sight! I haven't even cleaned it yet. That design was made in the early 1600's at first, the house sitting at this beach is almost 200 years old. The ring is quite crude by modern standards, you can see a lot of the hand work to it, doesn't look like a modern piece at all, maybe late 19th century or early 20th, I just don't know, and it really is rather irrelevant. It's 9 karat gold and the stone may be Asian white spinel. Not sure. It's not a diamond and the edges are worn somewhat. It's been around in the ground a very long time. Scratched and a little bent, you know it's been on the loose for a good while for 9k to bend.

    The ring on the right was acquired at the same time. That one is stamped 14k and the ice is real. Stones are small, but full brilliant cut.

    The middle ring is weighty, also with a 14k gold stamp and the ice is real. Those stones are a lot larger than the stones on the ring on the right. I now have three rings with diamond "swirls" and banded like this. Must be a real popular design.

    Not big ticket items, but very nice. I Like the light weight Irish ring best! Can't you tell by the descriptions? I keep all my finds. I also got several pounds of sinkers, several parts of fishing reels, toys, pull tabs, etc. I did give quite a few away to the fishermen who were there.Click image for larger version. 

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    Apr 2014
    New York
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    WOW!!! Those are some really awesome rings!! Well done, congrats and HH

    DIG WE MUST !!!!!!

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    Sep 2017
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    Wow the rings u guys find are unbelieveble realy nice
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    Feb 2009
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    Finding any of those would put a smile on this mug for awhile-three rings-well I'd be laughing. Congrats on the gold

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    Jan 2017
    Grants Pass, Oregon
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    What a nice beach you have. I like the 9k in that it is more common in England, just as our 10k is here.
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    Jun 2017
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    While I enjoy reading about all the treasures, my main interest is digging up the history of my farm

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    May 2017
    Rochester ny
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    That's a beautiful 3 ringer

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    Oct 2011
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    Hat Trick!
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    Jul 2010
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    Outstanding ring finds congrats !
    I`v been detecting for 49 years owned my own detector shop G.A.P. Metal Detectors here in N.Y.
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    I hunt the Sullivan Trail here in N.Y.
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    May 2017
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    Nov 2012
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    Thank you all. The beach, the fields, the parks and the gold panning has been good this year. I have (I think) two more permissions, they just started taking the corn out yesterday. Have to get there and make sure it's ok. Going to rain somewhat over the next few days, and have to watch the tropics to see if anything blows this way, but it has been probably my best year ever. The rings have quite a few scratches, etc on them but I have a Dremel tool and some jewelers' rouge, so could polish them, if I ever get the time. I only have have two mens' gold bands, the standard plain kind, one from 2015 and one from 2016, none this year. Funny, I haven never found any of the tungsten rings, but I think the guys are losing them in the water. I think I'm getting these ladies' rings because I'm hunting dry towel line, where the ladies are more likely to put their stuff in the sand under the blankets and then lose them. The middle one is large enough to be a mans' ring though. Just a theory. I don't go in the water, too creakedy. Can't stand up for long on the land, let alone in the water. I'd have to wear a life vest and there are so many fish hooks out there, it's plain not funny.
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    Apr 2016
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    Wow...sweet!! Super nice rings...Congrats !!
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    Jun 2012
    M-6, pro pointer, pistol probe
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    Sweet triple gold! Congrats!

    This is a golden year for you, i hope to see more golden treasures that you find! WTG!

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    Feb 2014
    Martinsburg, Pa. in the summer and Apache Junction, Az in the winter
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    Very nice! Congrats, Smokey

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    Dec 2015
    Maryland's eastern shore
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    3 beauties for sure, congrats
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