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    Jun 2006
    ohio river
    193 times

    found at yard sale

    i found these at a yard sale on friday...marble king error marbles from 2001....the guy was an ex-employee of the marble king factory and i got a gallon of these rare chocolate swirls for $5....brown is one of the rarest colors...true orange is another....right now these mibs fetch 3-5$ each....

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    Re: found at yard sale

    Very nice. I've NEVER seen marbles that color. Great find.
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    Jun 2006
    ohio river
    193 times

    Re: found at yard sale

    thanks doug...its nice to find them ol marblemakers yard sales...lolol....he had buckets of stuff but mostly common....

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    Jun 2006
    ohio river
    193 times

    Re: found at yard sale

    heres smore from the same sale

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    Feb 2007
    The Constituition State
    13 times

    Re: found at yard sale

    Cool looking marbles duffy...nice find...what makes them errors?..the color?...what were they really suppose to look like?
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    Apr 2007
    Austin, TX
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    Re: found at yard sale

    I can see some are off round. Would that make them worth more?
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    Jun 2006
    ohio river
    193 times

    Re: found at yard sale

    the error part comes in that they were supposed to be yellow/black bumblebees.....the batcher didnt get the mix right and they turned out brown... i dont know the elements they use to get the right colors and only a few people know the mixes...and they are trade secrets..they gotta be added at the right temp and in the proper amounts...when they make errors theyre supposed to be destroyed somehow, but these came home with the worker....now i got em....the errors are sought after because the numbers are limited...much like the coin errors...at the next show ill probably sell these out quick....its a lucky find and one of the benefits of livin near the marble factory...in the past like in the 60s they would dumps errrors in the creek and the river but nowadays the government [e.p.a.] keeps a close watch over that kinda stuff..you know how that goes...the factory dont sell errors cause all their marbles are patented and not knowin the mix it would be too expensive to try to get the colors right so its cheaper to do away with them...

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    Jul 2007
    24 times
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    Re: found at yard sale

    A True treasure hunt5er always has their eyes open for the prize.
    It's nice to see a True treasure hunter at work!!!


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    Jul 2007
    Western Massachusetts
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    8 times

    Re: found at yard sale

    Nice finds, Duffy. Where would I look to see the value of marbles?

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    Charter Member
    Apr 2007
    Whites, Tesoro, Fisher and Minelab
    6 times

    Re: found at yard sale

    Great eyes Duffy. You should make a few bucks on that gallon. WTG
    Never stop hunting...........

    Happy Hunting


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    Sep 2005
    Cleveland, OH
    11 times

    Re: found at yard sale

    Cool marbles. 8) 8) Don't flood the market with those or you might cause the price on those brown marbles to crash.

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    Oct 2006
    Wartburg, Tennessee, U.S.A.
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    Re: found at yard sale

    You might get a real good price on ebay for them. Very nice find
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    Jun 2005
    Northampton, UK
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    Re: found at yard sale

    Great marbles. How do they get that colour in anyway I always thought it was a sliver of some plastic moulded inside the glass

    Can anybody tell us about how marbles are made?

    God bless
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    Dec 2004
    Weeki Wachee, FL (north of Tampa)
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    Re: found at yard sale

    Here you go Peter. Sorry for the hijack, very nice find.

    Good Luck and HH


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    Jan 2004
    North Carolina
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    4 times

    Re: found at yard sale

    That was a cool video!

    I'm a marble collector now! Thanks!



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