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Thread: What a relief it was! Rev War #12

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    Quote Originally Posted by VMI Digger View Post
    Patina and gilt on that Kings American is gorgeous, congrats on the plate
    Here's the crazy part about that. Out of the ground it looked like the typical condition where I'd need a lemon soak to clean it, so that's what I did. But the more it started to come along the dirt and corrosion was gone and the surface was staying green... so I yanked it. Very happy I kept an eye on it because I much prefer it this way, and it's probably just as rare to have a button look like this out of my fields as one having all the plating.

    Here's a pic I snapped the first time I popped it out of the lemon and was finally convinced it was what I was hoping it was.
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    great pix. You can actually feel and smell the history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahab8 View Post
    Super Super Super BANNER!!!!

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    Apr 2014
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    Holy Crap! Those are bucket listers of bucket listers! Great finds!
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    This was by far my best hunt of 2017, and definitely one of my best ever having dug a button I've wanted to find for a very long time, and my first marked cross belt plate - a local militia dating to the 1790s. Today was a great day... I just finished a multi day hunt and posted my finds, and got home to see my belt plate which I sent away to have straightened had made it back from Virginia. When I dug it, it was bitter sweet, still mostly sweet, but hard to display with such a nasty bend... but not anymore!
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    Incredible finds!! You aced it for sure.

    Nicely done, and all the best,

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    the repair job really took your find to the next level, you can get a true sense of the piece as it was used and now the display properties have been greatly improved
    your guy did an awesome job!
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    Nov 2017
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    Can you share where you sent it to? That kind of craftsmanship, i want to keep them in the rolodex....
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    Quote Originally Posted by can_slaw View Post
    Can you share where you sent it to? That kind of craftsmanship, i want to keep them in the rolodex....

    Sure. Here is his website. Hallowed Ground Restorations

    He also has many impressive before and after shots posted on the Facebook group "Restoring your Finds - Metal Detecting"
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    Thats a beauty. Great restore job. I still wish i knew what the marks on mine i found represented. Cant wait to see what you find next!
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    Still working on getting this one! 😃👍


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