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Thread: Cold day at an old Cavalry site yields an old piece of GOLD!!!!

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    Sep 2014
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    Cold day at an old Cavalry site yields an old piece of GOLD!!!!

    [FONT=Book Antiqua]Got out today for some much needed time away from civilization. After a long weekend of work my hunting buddy and I set out. Of course it didn't matter to me where we went so we went to an area where some nice finds have come from in the past. Old seated dimes and lots of cavalry buttons and such. The fort sits along one of our many wagon trails we didn't really expect much except maybe a button or two since we have hit this place hard. With our new DEUS settings we managed lots of Henry Casings, bullets, one OX shoe and the normal garbage of an old stage stop.

    After 3 hours, cold wind and nothing to show for our effort; we decided to start walking back to the rig and go to another spot......"walk back to the rig?" How many times has this happened to us. My buddy was walking on one side of the old rock corral area and I the other which was next to the old wagon road. I thought, well, if parked a wagon and jumped off, where would I land? Both of us use the Deus and shotgun shells in the area hit most of the time around 72-78. Of course digging "EVERYTHING", I get the nice lower tone 71. I take out a round dirt clump and begin smashing it over my coil thinking for sure it was a shotgun shell . Except the clump was getting smaller and small until the flash of gold fell onto my coil. I throw off the headphones and yell at my friend "GOLD". I hadn't looked to see what it was till he made it over.

    After some foul language and laughing, along with a little water we see it. A beautiful 1865-S 2 1/2 Dollar piece . We were both amazed but not surprised since this was the second gold coin from the fort area. For sure we have walked over it before, not wanting to dig shells. But now digging ALL TARGETS has really paid off. A few feet away I was able to find my target for the day, a single cavalry button with no markings on the back.........

    Of course I called my son who is at college and he refused to believe me until we sent a couple of pictures. He called me a few names and told my buddy to hit me over the head! He will be back this weekend since we have a Nevada trip planned for more digging

    Its been awhile we haven't posted but I haven't wanted to bore everyone with the 100's of wheat pennies we have dug over the past few months so today was great. Thanks for looking and remember; DIG EVERYTHING!!!!!
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    We might not be able to take it with us; but at least we can enjoy it after finding it!!!

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    Jun 2016
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    Feb 2017
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    Great find!
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    May 2012
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    Awesome find!! BANNER!!
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    Apr 2009
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    Apr 2008
    Central Illinois
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    Nice finds . nice write up, and Banner on the gold coin. Congrats.
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    Sorry Honey, I can’t. I’ve got plans with my metal detector.

    Nov 2013
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    That’s awesome..... good job by you!
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    Mar 2015
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    Wow. Just...WOW!!!!!!! 😱

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    Feb 2018
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    Cool find! Congratulations! how much is such a coin?
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    Feb 2015
    Fullerton CA
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    Holy Hot dogs thats nice
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    Anything That Comes Out of The Dirt Is Awesome!

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    Feb 2014
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    What an amazing find. A big congrats.
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    Nov 2014
    Northern Ca.
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    That is so awesome!! Great work
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    Mar 2015
    New Bedford, MA
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    Now THAT is a beauty and a banner worthy find. Congrats! Wow!
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    Jul 2015
    s.tier NY
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    super find , i would vote banner but the last gold coin I voted on (french) didn't make it on so i won't jinx your find by voting on it..but it sure belongs up there
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    Apr 2013
    SouthEast North Carolina
    XP Deus, ATpro
    1450 times
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    Incredible fine. Congrats! Nice digs.
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