[BANNER] Slow start to the year but golden results
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Thread: Slow start to the year but golden results

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    Nov 2012
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    Slow start to the year but golden results

    The ol' cat is getting old. I really skipped the summer season, haven'tClick image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1410.jpg 
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ID:	1653577Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1412.jpg 
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ID:	1653578 been feeling all that well. Soooo....a few weeks ago a few of us started going over some of our old honey holes. We went to some of best areas from last year. A couple we had hit so hard so didn't find much. Another was just a plain bust.
    ance of actually finding something. A few of us found minies ( I did not find any.) I headed with one friend up a little hill and got a nice, flat c
    The third site, which I have taken a few people two was looking like a disappointment also, however the farmer had (gasp) actually turned the soil so now there was a better cholonial button in amongst some coal scraps and a lot of iron nails. It took forever but I finally got a nice silver cufflink, a few more buttons and a breast plate or horse tack piece, it's hard to tell as it is heavy stamped brass with a lead fill. A Rev War military button was found on the site. This was just a day ago.

    I kept circling the small area and got a solid 92 signal on the Deus, which is normally either silver, quarter sized or a square of aluminum. I called my bud over with his new Equinox and his machine saw it and he interpreted it as a minie ball at an 18 on the Equinox. It was a nice sized, solid piece. I took a huge bite of dirt out and flipped the muddy plug over. Out pops a 1772 2 Escudo coin! Of course, I didn't have my glasses on and couldn't see what it was lying on the ground so yelled at my friend, what is it? What is it? After all I can't see what the thing was! The reveClick image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1416.jpg 
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Size:	2.21 MB 
ID:	1653579howed. He picked it up and at that point I think I because speechless as he said I didn't react much. Well, surprise will do that to you.

    We also found a lot of other cool early pieces. The pottery is 18th century but we didn't find much of it. Enjoy.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_1410.jpg 
Views:	1228 
Size:	2.04 MB 
ID:	1653577

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    Apr 2014
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    Whoa. Let me be the first to say congrats to you Smokey.

    What an exceptional find. Sure looks like banner # 6 to me.


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    Todd In Lutz FL

    Apr 2014
    Lutz FL
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    Wow that is a beautiful Coin!! Congrats and a banner vote also

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    Aug 2012
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    Another Banner,

    Great job.
    Quote Originally Posted by G.I.B. View Post
    I'm not an Idiot Whisperer. I can't help you any further with the math.

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    May 2017
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    Congrats brother! Let's see the back of that thing, eh?

    Get yourself some contact lenses, by the way. They have concentric bifocal ones now that correct farsighted *and* nearsightedness (I have both). Changed my life!

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    Jun 2013
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    Why did you not post a pic of the reverse also? Banner find all day long, congrats!
    I love this hobby so much, now I'm a coin licker!

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    May 2008
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    The cat is back on the prowl. Heck of a find. Congrats Smokey!

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    Jul 2017
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    BANNER nice find!
    audemus jura nostra defendere

    neque deditionem

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    Aug 2017
    Northern Virginia
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    SWEET!!! Banner for sure

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    Mar 2014
    17th century
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    Outstanding find Smokey! Iím very happy you found a winner after a dry spell

    "Take the detecta-drama elsewhere - I'm just here to dig!"

    Running totals:

    Hammered Silvers - 2
    Hammered Coppers - 1
    Milled Spanish Silver - 14
    Transitional US State Coppers - 9
    United States Cent/Half cent Coppers - 131
    British & Other colonial Coppers - 107
    Slick coppers - too painful to talk about
    Silver Coins - Weíll over a 1000

    Favourite Finds:
    1665 1-reale Spanish Cob
    Revolutionary War stirrup
    1812 2nd Regiment Artillarists pewter button
    1695 Willam 3rd Halfpenny in excellent condition
    G.W. Inagural Buttons - 6 Point Estoile cuff variety
    Love token etched on 1859 seated Dime
    1831 Louis Phillippe 1st - 5 Franc
    1783 Nova Constelatio, Crosby-3C &. Crosby-1B
    1749 Regal King George II Farthing
    1776 Counter King George iii

    If it ain't at least seated, it aint Sh*t

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    Sep 2018
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    Congrats Smokey the Cat!!! That is a wonderful looking coin! I can only hope to find something of that magnitude some day!
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    May 2011
    porterville calif...
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    Aug 2016
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    Very cool Smokey, Congrats! Would love to someday dig a gold coin!

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    Dec 2015
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    Banner its just your body thats getting old lol great find
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