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Thread: The Find Of A Lifetime! No Stamp Act Button 1766!!

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    Mar 2012
    N.mass- S.nh
    1079 times
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    Omg I would have a hard time selling it as well ! I wonder what the person who had that was doing when they lost it !?! What an amazing find
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    where ever you go their you'll be !

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    Jan 2013
    751 times
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    "No Stamp Act 1766" Buttons

    Here are some others on here from a few years ago that were found. When I read this, I wanted to find one so much and although Civil War relic hunting is what I enjoy most, I love anything that has to do with early United States history. This is the best dug button I've seen anywhere this year by far. Historically, this is at the very top!
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    Sep 2018
    Garrett AT Max
    1788 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    That's an amazing find! Do you know how many of these are known to exist?
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    wow! never even heard of a button like this.amazing!
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    Mar 2016
    587 times
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    Silver Coin Fiend

    Apr 2014
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    Big congrats on an outstanding save.

    Excellent shape too. Wow.
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    Feb 2013
    New England, Somewhere Metal Detecting in the Woods
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    Some more photos of my button, that show the surfaces a little better.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_0160.JPG 
Views:	61 
Size:	196.4 KB 
ID:	1657654Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_0159.JPG 
Views:	44 
Size:	2.59 MB 
ID:	1657655
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    Charter Member

    Sep 2018
    Conshohocken PA
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    685 times
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    Incredible find
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    Charter Member
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    Apr 2016
    Abita Springs La....Born in New Orleans
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    20871 times
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    The Find Of A Lifetime! No Stamp Act Button 1766!!

    Iím in love ♥️

    Compared to the other one at 9k yours looks like it should be 20k. Amazing
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    I Cut My Way Through

    Apr 2015
    XP Deus
    1045 times
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    Holy smokes, that is insane!
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    Oct 2013
    Topsham, Maine
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    WHOA!!!! My friend that is an incredible find! Wonít even attempt to describe how amazing that is. Itís one thing to recover something like that....itís another thing to get such a rare beast in that sort of condition. This is right up at the top of best finds Iíve seen on this forum. Canít congratulate you enough my friend. Great job
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    Aug 2018
    Shenandoah Valley Va
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    Congrats on the Banner!
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    Sep 2011
    Southwest, CT
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    1402 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    WOW Find of a lifetime! Bet you've lost a lot of sleep! WTG!
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    Feb 2016
    central Texas
    ATPro, Garrett carrot, Nox 800
    391 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    coinman123, you are going to have to change your icon picture now...I didn't even know that there were buttons in the colonies that were like this one. What a great save of our nation's history!

    Nicely done, and banner...
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    Charter Member
    May 2016
    Equinox 800, AT Pro, Pro pointer AT,
    2418 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I dream of finding something from that period some day with the historical significance, great job.
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