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Thread: Do Indians wear rings?

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    Very nice coin and relic hunting; congratulations!
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    Congratulations on a very nice batch of finds. Me thinks those permissions had not been hit before or at least poorly.
    I'm wondering if that thing "that looks like an icicle might be the tube inside an old fountain pen. You stuck the pen tip inside the inkwell, lifted a lever on the pen body and drew ink into the reservoir. Just a guess.
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    Excellent hunt,,
    When I was in India, I noticed that most Indian women wore jewelry. Especially rings.
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    You have absolutely gotta be kidding me .That's an amazing hunt wow I live in a pretty boring town not a lot of history. After reading your post Im packing my bags and moving to your area lol kiddin Well done really cool relics my Friend... Tommy
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    Very cool finds! Congrats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by WilliamBoyd View Post
    Your Egyptian item is an Egyptian Magic Coin.

    They are officially tokens, sometimes described as "good luck coins" or "magician coins".

    They are usually 32 mm wide, made of bronze or brass, sometimes they are silver or gold plated.

    They have Egyptian symbols on them, usually a Pharaoh on one side and a Sphinx and Pyramids on the other side.

    They usually have no text inscriptions but some have advertising added.

    They have been made in the United States since at least 1905 when one appeared in a Sears catalog.

    They were sold or handed out by carnivals, fairs, promoters, magicians, and other groups.

    They are frequently found in accumulations of coins or souvenirs and also by metal detectors.

    One made an appearance in a 1946 film "Duel in the Sun" as a medallion worn by the film's star, Jennifer Jones.

    Look for "Egyptian Magic Coin" on the internet for information about these items.

    Note: Your token is a rare variety with a swastika on it.

    Thanks for the Quick ID on the magic token. I never noticed the Swastika until you mentioned it. Makes the find that much more interesting! I do know the swastika symbol was used as a good luck symbol way before WW2 making me suspect this coin falls in line with the old swastika symbolism.
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    Dig till you drop!


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