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Thread: New Site Gives Up Civil War Goodies and an AWESOME Bucket Lister!!

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    Feb 2005
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    New Site Gives Up Civil War Goodies and an AWESOME Bucket Lister!!

    I got out with my hunting buddy Craig for a while on Sunday to a new site that we recently found. It's near one of our big Civil War camps, so we figured that there would be a few relics there. We were right! On our first trip to the site last week, I ended up with three Civil War Minie Balls and my first ever Barber Quarter!! That was a bucket list item for me since I had only ever found silver Washington quarters up until then. We decided to go back there on Sunday and it ended up being one of the best hunts for coins that I've ever been on! Less than 5 minutes into the hunt and I get a MINT 1865 Indian Head in my second hole! We know soldiers were camped there in 1865, so I'm betting it was dropped by one of them. A few minutes later I get a really nice General Service Eagle Button! It's been probably 2 years since I've found a nice complete eagle button. Shortly after digging the button, it starts pouring down rain. We hadn't been there long, so we decided to wait out the storm in the car. 45 minutes later, we were back at it. I dig an 1891 V Nickel right off the bat, and then it started storming again. We decided to just call it quits for the day and went to get some food. While we were eating, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Normally we would have just gone straight back home, but this time we both agreed that we wanted to give it a couple more hours since the storms had passed. I'm glad we did! We get back to the site and literally my FIRST hole was a very tiny half dime sized silver coin that turned out to be a William III Netherland 10 Cent coin! That was definitely a surprise find. About 20 minutes later I get a very deep 90 signal on the AT Max. I dig down, find the target with my pinpointer and scoop out a handful of dirt. When I looked down in the hole, I could see a quarter sized silver coin in the bottom. I get it out of the hole and could see that it was something different. After popping the dirt off one side and what I saw made my heart skip a beat... I saw a beautiful seated Lady Liberty!!! I cleaned it off to reveal an awesome 1877 Seated Liberty Quarter!! This was one of the coins near the top of my bucket list and it took me nearly 23 years to find it! It is in really great condition too! Interestingly, I found the 1934 Buffalo Nickel only about a foot away. Anyway, by this time, it was starting to get late and we had to get back home. I didn't get a lot of Civil War relics, but it was still one heck of a hunt! I can't believe I got to scratch off two coins from my bucket list in two hunts to the same site. We'll definitely be going back to that site very soon! Sorry for the long post. Thanks for looking and HH!

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    If you search long enough, you'll find what you're looking for.

    2019 TOTALS:

    Shield Nickels:
    V Nickels: 2
    Silvers: 5
    Large Cents:
    Wheat Cents: 7
    Indian Head Cents: 3
    CW Bullets: 29
    CW Buttons: 5
    Rings: 1.5

    Awesome Relics: CW Straight Razor, CW XII Corps Badge, 1857 Flying Eagle Cent, 1849 Netherlands Dime, 1877 Seated Quarter, CW Lincoln/Johnson Token, WWI Iron Cross Charm

    Total Hunts: 17

    Updated: 4/17/2019

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    Jul 2018
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    Wow! What a great hunt. Coins and relics...doesn't get much better than that! At least to a coin and relic hunter that is
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    Great hunt indeed !! Congrats !! Get back there soon !!
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    Nov 2014
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    Those are beautiful coins! Congratulations on a great new site. I see more great finds in your future.
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    Beautiful relics and coins! Always nice to dig a variety of beautiful goodies!
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    Congrats on your first Barber Quarter, Seated Quarter, and all of the nice relics and other coins also.
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    Sep 2018
    Garrett AT Max
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    Congrats on the excellent quarters there and what I nice IHP! I swing the Atmax as well!
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    Aug 2017
    Northern Virginia
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    What an awesome hunt! Looks like you have one of those magic sites that makes dreams come true
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    May 2010
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    Incredible hunting - Congratulations!

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    Aug 2017
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    Awesome!!! Congrats!!!
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    Jul 2010
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    I'd say that's a pretty darn good hunt!
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    Spanish Silver Totals
    Cut Pieces = 19
    Half Reals = 30
    1 Reals = 11
    2 Reales = 6
    8 Reales = 1
    2 Reale Cobs = 2
    Other Early Silver Coins
    1797 & 1803 Draped Bust Dimes
    1830 Capped Bust 5 cents
    1827 Capped Bust dime
    1661 Hammered silver King Leopold
    1697 William III 6-pence
    Rev War Buttons
    3rd Battalion PA, Hartley's Regiment, USA, (4) 18th Royal Irish, (2) Rattlesnake & Stars
    Civil War Plates
    VA Militia Cross Belt, CS Tongue, CS Wreath, VMM, US Box, Model 1851 Sword, Militia Plate w/Star

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    Nov 2014
    Eastern Shore of Maryland
    Garrett AT Pro w/DD coil. also, still have a Fisher F2
    634 times
    Relic Hunting
    What a great hunt. I wish I had some CW sites around here, love the artifacts you can find, and that you found. I still have not found a seated coin, so that one really caught my eye. Sweet find. Congrats, and the rain just ups your Detectors sensitivity. Thanks for a Nice post. HH
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    Feb 2005
    Three Rivers
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    Nice finds,

    Seated quarters are hard to come by. That 1849 silver is pretty cool to.

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    Sep 2011
    Denver, Colorado
    Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold, ATX, MH7 (oldie!) Minelab Explorer SE Pro
    2260 times
    Wow, NICE!
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    Jan 2017
    Western ny
    equinox 800, Whites mx sport, Garrot carrot, bounty hunter time ranger
    4512 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    nice job on all those sweet digs!
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