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Thread: Revolutionary War "Penobscot Expedition " gold coin found

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    May 2018
    A state of Resistance
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    Great find! Thanks for sharing pics and the Rev. War history surrounding it. Banner all day long...
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    May 2018
    A state of Resistance
    White's MXT Tesoro Cibola Tesoro Golden Sabre Plus Garrett ADS Master Hunter 7
    3475 times
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    As stated in this link, it is unlikely that a common foot soldier would have had a guinea in his possession and not likely that such a large denomination would have been used to pay soldiers.

    Revolutionary War - Eight Pence Pay

    Have you found out how much officers were paid and if they were paid in gold guineas? I'm thinking this might have come across the ocean with a well-heeled officer as part of his personal possessions. Had it become common knowledge that officers carried such sums, would it have increased the likelihood that their bodies would have been checked for valuables after falling on the battlefield? My understanding is that it was a common practice for townsfolk in Europe to loot the bodies of fallen soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars and other conflicts. But I have not heard of this in the US - except for shipwreck breakers.

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    Oct 2013
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    Well well well....thatís quite the reintroduction old friend. What a gorgeous piece of history and knowing the history of where it came from puts it on the top shelf. Obvious BANNER. I will be sending you an email today.
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    Rev WAr history guy

    Apr 2013
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    Gold guinea

    Well morning my old friend. I hope life is treating u and your family well and expect being a young un still swinging that coil. Yup after hunting this site for 23 years now was a "Shock & Awe" moment for me and expect never be duplicated. I was on the search for the other half of an American hex 6 lb bar shot when i got the signal. Hell one coin is enough I am not greedy . My thoughts after I found it was it indeed worthy of mention in Tnet and appreciate all the good folks chiming in . Have answered a few questions and expect will be more. Coin looks as minted and being found in the ground environmental damage with a few light scratches and some minor rim damage about 2 O Clock on the reverse. Expect it got stepped on by a soldier to leave the marks on the retreat. Would downgrade to About Uncirculated . Measures 25 mm and same as a U.S quarter, 4.8 grams of 22 Kt gold. I will put up a pic here for comparison. On my way down for a rain hunt and hope to hear from u soon. Stay well my friend. Gary
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    Incredible piece of history/treasure/top of bucket list find! Congrats!!
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    Nov 2012
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    Mine from the Faithful Steward shipwreck is almost as clean. All but 1 of the gold coins I have found look just like they were put in the ground. British officers were paid in guineas, which is the coin you have found. But in over 50 years of looking I have only found one guinea and one 2 escudo! Again, great job. And yes, only an officer would have this, unless it had been stolen of course way back in the day.
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    Sep 2018
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    This coin is stupendously superb! The fact that you have been hunting that spot for 23 years means you paid your dues and then some to find that! Great condition and a great story around it. I did read your article about the shoe buckle. Huge congrats on the achievement!
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    Aug 2018
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    Bravo Gary, Bravo! You suggested Crusader might be Scotland Yard, the quality of your posts suggests you might be National Geographic!

    I know the Brittish had an aversion for sending hard currency to America, and sent script, copper and silver instead of gold. Perhaps the military was exempt from that. I've read that explorers and soldiers of fortune carried objects that might help secure assistance if they were lost or abandoned on the battlefield. It could also be that the owner pressed it into the soil knowing he'd never need it and to keep it out of colonial hands. Many of the soldiers that fought for the colonies were French and Indian war vets. They often scalped their victims so, that being said, the pockets got searched also.

    Perhaps the owner had been reposted from somewhere like Canada or was a newly minted Lieutenant that hadn't been in theater very long. I had a GGG Grandfather that took a load of grapeshot full on at Gettysburg in Pickett's charge. It cut him right in half and was so gruesome they wrote about in the company record. I would think that innards, fabric and accoutrements went everywhere.

    This is a wonderful find and definitely BANNER worthy! Thanks for sharing!
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    Jun 2013
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    Holy crap! That is unbelievable! Banner all the freaking way!
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    Feb 2015
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    Holy s%#^ man amazing banner find for sure
    My votes in. Congratulations on a killer find !!
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    "Diggin with Kap" on Youtube!

    Sep 2013
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    Feb 2014
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    Attribution or not, its a gorgeous colonial gold coin - welcome back to Tnet...and almost certainly the banner!
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    Jul 2012
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    Absolutely Incredible!
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    Jul 2010
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    That is an amazing find from a historical location. It just don't get any better than that. Colonial gold coins are rare as hens teeth, although there was an Escudo posted a couple months ago that did not make banner for some reason. I'll give this one a banner vote and see what happens.
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    Rev WAr history guy

    Apr 2013
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    Reanm8er -Thanks for the Nat Geo comments and yes I love to write about Rev WAr history especially from this battle/siege site and been told in my articles for WE&T mag the passion often shows thru in my writings. I mentioned Crusader's comments about maybe seeing finger prints on the coin and took pics after handling it . Very observant of him and being from England could not resist a little THing humor about Scotland Yard . Me am a "Inspector Gadget" kinda guy.LOL. Hope he understood that. Now in retrospect wish I has taken pics as I saw it laying that dirt but in the heat of the moment . I think what he may have seen for prints on it are , when the coin is magnified and a pic taken at the right angle, light abbrazions from being in the ground in a few months for 240 years. I did respond to his email with his comments so others would not think something was amiss here. I have been very fortunate to find many rare relics buttons and coins and some worthy to post on Tnet. So now age 71 on the 29th of May still going strong swinging my Deus and who knows who knows what history remains. I hope a gold coin like this comes under your coil for those of u it being on your "Bucket List." U other folks this has happened to u congrats.
    AS for speculation knowing on who and why it was lost I have been a student of this battle for now 23 years. I know this ground well and can tell you after the landing of the Marines and militia the order was given to fire two rounds at the Brits on the high ground then climb the steep bluff and engage them. This was done and when on the flat ground drove the Brits thru this area back to the fort. The coin was no doubt lost by a British officer under fire. Thanks for your comments and appreciate them.Gary
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