[BANNER] Revolutionary War "Penobscot Expedition " gold coin found
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Thread: Revolutionary War "Penobscot Expedition " gold coin found

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    Rev WAr history guy

    Apr 2013
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    Revolutionary War "Penobscot Expedition " gold coin found

    Hey folks my last post on here was way back in 2013 and sorry 4 being AWOL here. Life happens. Anyway I am in my 23rd year of relic hunting my REv WAr site here in Maine . U may remember me for posting a silver shoe buckle frame I found on the beach that once belonged to Cpt John Hinkley . On the 16th of May was working a hot spot that has produced much American ordnance . Google 'Trask Rock" for a 8 minute video of history in Castine , Maine. Had a great day with finding 4 large grape shot. Spent 5 hours on the hunt and happy with the results. Just dug a pull tab some other THer had left behind and said maybe dig one more target and cal it a day. Deus rang up a 81-82 which usually is a pull tab or shotgun shell. I guess "Shock & Awe" best describes my feelings once I spotted a large bright yellow coin in my discharge dirt. Full guinea .Here u go and may this happen to you. I will answer all questions to as to why I believe lost by a British officer under fire. Enjoy . Gary
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    AWESOME FIND!!! Nows time to go back and dig all those other pull tabs!!!

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    Welcome back Gary! When you return, you sure come back with a bang. That is one incredible piece of gold. I'd love to hear your theory as to how the coin was lost, and also why you think the coin had not previously been found after all these years of detecting? For TNET-ers who never saw your fascinating previous post:

    "Penobscot Expedition" 1779, Cpt Hinkleys shoe buckle revisted

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    Feb 2017
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    Nice coin. Amazing how the dirt didn't even stick to it over all these years. Front or back. Amazing.

    "And so the population was gradually led into the demoralising temptations of arcades, baths, and sumptuous banquets. The unsuspecting Britons spoke of such novelties as 'civilisation', when in fact they were only a feature of their enslavement." Tacitus, Roman Senator and Historian, written AD 98.

    The Bald Eagle photo...he/she posed for me, gave me it's best American look. I felt privileged to get the shot.

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    BANNER? I think so.

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    Holy banner batman....that thing is beautiful !! You got my vote !! Congrats !
    wahoo caught in bahamas

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    WOW! Awesome gold coin! Congrats! Banner!


    CTX-3030, Equinox 800

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    Nov 2012
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    Full guinea? Great coin!
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    Rev WAr history guy

    Apr 2013
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    Not sure I remember how to do a reply and am rusty i guess but will answer Terpfan's 2 questions. First the area where this coin was found is a known impact area for American artilery from the ships and has been well hunted over the years by many and quite a bit of trash left behind by other relic hunters. In deep woods with downed trees and bushes so not an easy hunt .Shotgun shells abound with pull tabs and even a few sardine cans. Why I found it but not others before me is I suspect many got the signal and thought trash and moved on. Thank u. After pulling out a pull tab just before the coin I made it my last target of the day. The American's routed Brits thru this area back to the fort and knowing this skirmish tool place on the 28th of July 1779 in the very early morning hours. No doubt in the heat of battle and under fire this coin was lost. Dated 1772 and in mint condition probably the officer was probably recently paid. Hard loss for him. American's rarely got paid in hard money making it more probable a Brit owned it.
    So to paint a metal picture of this find it had been a long 5 hour hunt in extremely hard to hunt with much downed trees and brush to contend with. . Had found 4 grapeshot prior to that and was a good day for American ordnance. In a rare open area got a signal on my Deus reading like a pull tab/ shotgun shell. Yup up came a pull tab. Put it in my bag and starting swinging the coil. About 5 feet away a similar signal I almost passed on but said what the hell make it my last dig. So I dig a wide hole and throw up dirt in a pile. Look into the hole nothing . Then I catch the glint of something yellow sitting flat on the dirt pile. So now I am getting excited and saying to myself R U (expletive) kidding me. Maybe a gold coin?Picked up the coin and felt the heavyness of gold and gently brushed off the dirt on it. Took pictures to document the find . Note always take a camera with u if possible to record the find for history like u r reading here. . I knew being heavy it was gold and English and later learned a guinea , 25mm ,22 kt gold ,dated 1772 in mint condition. The area found in the Brits passed thru there when the American's routed them in a skirmish and returned to their fort. Am happy u all re enjoying this piece of our history and thanks for your words. It was never on my "Bucket List" since never expected to find gold at this site and expect a single loss. I have found some fantastic coins , relics and buttons over the last 23 years and written 6 articles for Western Eastern Treasures mag documented many of them. The last "In Search of the British 74th" July 2018. Will there be a 7th? Answer -U know it. Thanks for looking and reading my post. Gary
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    Mar 2016
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    If it was indeed a battle ground loss, it may have been the result of a horrific injury.
    Heavy ordnance probably scattered everything in its way.

    Gold has a tendency of sometimes coming out of the ground like it was lost yesterday.

    May have been more than one coin in his pockets.
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    Awesome find, thanks for sharing your story and congrats! *banner vote*
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    WoW! What an astounding coin! BANNER and CONGRATULATIONS
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    Da Deus Fortunae

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    Oct 2007
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    Phenomenal! And I do remember reading your shoe buckle post
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    Jul 2016
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    ......HOLY COW......

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