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Thread: Baltimore Laundromat Hoard

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    Nov 2018
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    Wow! That is amazing!
    Dig just about Everything!

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    May 2019
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    Holey Moley!

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    Aug 2017
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    Wow!!! Wow!!! Extremely Wow!!! So Cool!!! Thatís so Awesome!!!! Glad for You!!! So sorry for their passings, but Holy Cow thatís a Killer Treasure and so Many Stories!!! Very Neat!!!! Enjoy!!!!
    What would life be without challenges, and detecting of course.....

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    Jun 2012
    Excal II E-trac
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    Wow exactly. Sorry to hear about the passing, but I'd be thrilled to spend several days just going through each bag looking for key dates.

    That must been awesome to go through the coins at the Laundromat and pull out the goodies for years.
    "Silver Train is coming' think I'm going to get on now, oh yeah" - Jagger/Richards

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    Wood Butcher

    Apr 2013
    Indian River Co., Fl
    462 times
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    Amazing story and there is no way you want to unload that for only scrap. You really can do better than that if you have some time to invest.
    You have a coin collectors w*t dream there with all the potential for a hoard from the '50's.
    Even though the "going rate" for Lincolns is 3-5 cents each, you have a very nice story to go with the coins which will bring a premium.

    Definitely keep us posted and best of luck.

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    May 2010
    Portland, Oregon
    White's Coinmaster Pro
    791 times
    Quote Originally Posted by the_mad_cladder View Post
    Awesome story. Insane hoard. When the dollar takes a dive the value of silver will rise.
    Price of silver already rising.
    Last edited by Treasure_Hunter; Aug 12, 2019 at 11:25 AM.

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    May 2018
    White's MXT Tesoro Cibola Tesoro Golden Sabre Plus Garrett ADS Master Hunter 7
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    Nice hoard. I wonder how many of these we never hear about. Thinking quite a few.

    Always do right; this will gratify some and astonish the rest.
    - Mark Twain

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    Oct 2010
    Teknetics T2SE
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    Absolutely amazing, while at the same time, a stark illustration of what we can take with us upon our passing.

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    HLY SCHMLY .. WHAT A HAUL! Sweet dreams are made of these! Thanks for sharing!
    ďIt is best as one grows older to strip oneself of possessions, to shed oneself downward like a tree, to be almost wholly earth before one dies.Ē

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    Aug 2012
    Niagara falls
    Equinox 600, fisher gold bug pro.
    10305 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Wow! What a crazy amount of coins. Thanks for sharing the photos and story with us.

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    Oct 2017
    Bold Coast & Treasure Coast
    Blue Excal 1000, Enox 800
    702 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    No wonder I'm not finding any silver coins from that era. He had them all!!!
    Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing that story and the pics!

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    Shiver me timbers ! That's a lot of coins to look thru, but it's also the stuff dreams are made of, so if it were mine I'd be glad to take the time ! Good luck with it all, and sorry for your family loss.

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    Jul 2006
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    May 2019
    Northwest GA
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    Quote Originally Posted by Truth View Post
    Please please more picks!!!! Thatís a dream come true. We love pictures!!
    Thank you
    Iím with Truth. More photos!!! This is like climbing rope in gym class.

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    Feb 2015
    Fullerton CA
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    If its for sale Ill buy the whole hoard. Fair prices. FYI
    Anything That Comes Out of The Dirt Is Awesome!

    Best find 1941 Patek Philippe 2 register flat pusher Chronograph Bought 1,000 Sold 62,000 !!
    First Year 911 Porsche Purchased 36K SOLD 140K!!! Whoo Hoo


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