Quick city hunt, first silver, first silver ring
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Thread: Quick city hunt, first silver, first silver ring

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    Jan 2015
    Garrett ACE 150
    241 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Quick city hunt, first silver, first silver ring

    Eric (Washingtonian) and myself headed out to the city to hit up a couple sidewalks he’d scoped out.

    We were hunting outside an old apartment building that had been up since the 1920s. I had found a couple of wheats, which meant the ground was still old. I got a sharp 84 on the AT pro, which I figured was a clad dime. Well, I nearly had a heart attack when I popped the plug and stared at the shiniest coin I’d ever seen in a hole before.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1565925917.009323.jpg 
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Size:	778.2 KB 
ID:	1743411

    My first silver! Man I was hyped. 1918-S merc, and in pretty good shape too for 101 years old!

    Later, I dug a 79 signal, and was again surprised when I found half a sterling ring. Try as I might, I couldn’t find the other half :/

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1565926184.397586.jpg 
Views:	41 
Size:	310.4 KB 
ID:	1743412

    Anyways, it was a fun hunt, and one I will definitely remember and cherish- I now have SILVER FEVER
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    Wheat Cents (17/150)
    V Nickel (0/2)
    Buffalo Nickel (1/3)
    Silver Nickels (4/5)
    Mercs (0/2)
    Silver Rosies (5/10)
    Silver Quarters (2/10)
    Silver Halves both 90 and 40% (11/5)

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    Charter Member
    Jul 2019
    Upstate NY
    White's Spectra v3
    65 times
    Metal Detecting
    Finds like these keep you going! Congrats!
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    Charter Member
    Fly Navy!

    Jun 2008
    York County, PA (USA) Brevard County, FL (USA)
    13645 times
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    May 2013
    City of Rensselaer (upstate NY)
    Minelab Equinox 800-Explorer SE -Sovereign-GT- -Whites 6000 Di pro SL-Specturm XLT.
    6546 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Congrats on your first silver...

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    Aug 2011
    NE Ohio
    CTX 3030, 17" & 6" coils, Equinox 800, Propointer AT, Stealth 920i, Lesche Sampson and digger.
    529 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (2)
    The first is always special. Way to go!
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    May 2019
    Garrett AT Pro, Bounty Hunter Tracker IV
    862 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Congrats, and may you find many more memories...
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    Sep 2005
    Puget Sound
    Minelab CTX 3030, Whites DFX
    9540 times
    Metal Detecting
    So awesome for you man! I was pumped to be there to witness it. Onto the next for you now. First silver quarter or whatever is next on your bucket list!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1565965009.196116.jpg 
Views:	27 
Size:	1.12 MB 
ID:	1743482Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ImageUploadedByTreasureNet.com1565965021.656718.jpg 
Views:	29 
Size:	1.10 MB 
ID:	1743483

    These were my finds of interest from the hunt. 4 Wheats and some tokens.

    Good luck out there today!

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    Apr 2016
    South Western PA
    ACE 250 with DD coil Equinox 600
    8592 times
    Metal Detecting
    Banner Finds (2)
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    Congrats on your first silver coin! Definitely a cool feeling. Many more to come!
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    Aug 2019
    Garrett AT MAX
    10 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Very cool guys! A merc was my first and only silver thus far as well! Hopefully we both find some more today NoThisIsPatrick. You're welcome to join us as well if you are free, Washingtonian.
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    Coin Rescuer

    May 2019
    Garrett AT Pro
    282 times
    Metal Detecting
    Great find. Great looking dime!
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    Sep 2011
    Denver, Colorado
    Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold, ATX, MH7 (oldie!) Minelab Explorer SE Pro, EQ800
    3048 times
    You do know that once you get the first one they come a lot easier after that. GET BACK OUT THAR!
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    Charter Member
    Oct 2014
    Garrett: AT Pro, AT Gold & Infinium; Minelab: Explorer SE, II & X-terra 705; Tesoro: Tejon & Outlaw; White's: V3i & DFX
    26923 times
    Relic Hunting
    Banner Finds (2)
    Nice job, congrats!
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    May 2010
    Portland, Oregon
    White's Coinmaster Pro
    797 times
    A truly great Merc, Patrick. If this was in a plug, where did the scratches come from? Hope you didn't add them.

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    Charter Member

    Dec 2015
    Ann Arbor
    Equinox 800
    27972 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (2)
    Sweet coin put it in a nice coin holder looks like that ring may have been hit by a lawn mower I find many like that. Eric is the guy to learn from he is on his game for sure. Well done
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    Metal Detecting & Hotwheels Collecting

    Sep 2014
    Finger Lakes Region, Upstate NY
    Nox 600, Tesoro Tejon, Tesoro Toltec, 2x Bounty Hunter loaners, Deteknix
    4696 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Congratulations on your first silver coin & ring, more will come, both of you did well, nice saves
    Any day of hunting, whether good or bad is better than not hunting at all



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