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Thread: 1792 Spanish Silver in excellent condition!

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    Congrats on banner....shes gorgeous up there !!
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    A very beautiful coin.
    Congrats on the banner!
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    Great find and now it's flying high overhead in the banner. Congratulations.
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    Sweet silver!
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    Awesome coin, congrats on the BANNER FIND!

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    Quote Originally Posted by metaldetectingtaylor View Post
    I noticed the road was being dug up outside my great grandmother’s house so my Dad and I figured we give it a shot. In the past, we found countless 18th century coins and relics but this is our first Spanish silver from here. It looks to be a 1792 Carlos IV 2 Reales from Bolivia. It was probably brought up from the excavator because it was only a couple of inches down in a pile of loose dirt. Love the detail on this one! Only our second Spanish silver in 10 years of detecting!
    Attachment 1748096Attachment 1748097
    Keep searching that area. There are several 1792 coins worths millions that you could find: $1 million for a penny? Extremely rare 1792 coin set for auction https://www.foxnews.com/science/1-mi...et-for-auction

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    Wow that’s is a beautiful coin!! Great job!!
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    I'm always amazed at seeing coins this old. here in the Ga. mts. 200 years ago only indians lived here. We do find many ancient artifacts.
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    Great coin!
    XP Deus

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    Congratulations on the beautiful Spanish Silver Banner find!
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    Congratulations on achieving your first Tnet BANNER Taylor!
    Kudos to you for seeing and opportunity to save some of Massachusetts history!

    Did your Dad find anything interesting?
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