Finally Silver from the 1800s
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    Nov 2006
    Middlesex County, New Jersey
    Whites DFX w/ Sunray DX-1 probe and Minelab Excalibur 1000, Whites TRX Pinpointer
    236 times
    Metal Detecting
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    Finally Silver from the 1800s

    Well one of my goals for 2007 was to find a silver coin from the 1800s. There is a park I've been hitting during lunch time at work. I go once every two weeks or so. In the past I found a 1886 Indian Head cent and a nice gold ring with a diamond. So yesterday I drove to the park with the intention of hitting the area that I found the IH but there was a woman throwing a ball around with a large dog. Change of plans so I drove to the opposite side of the park to where I found the gold ring. In addition to the normal clad I found two wheat pennies 1946 and 1910. One year away from the 1909 which I still have never found. Then right before I was getting ready to go back to work I find a silver dime at 3.5 inches. I could tell right away it was not a Mercury so I was thinking Rosie. I wiped a little dirt away and knew it was a Barber then when I got back to work I rinsed it the date was 1897. Ive found other copper coins from the 1800s and one from 1700s but this was my first silver coin from the 1800s. Prior to this the closest was a 1903 Barber dime. Here are the pics.

    PS Thank you dog lady...

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    Feb 2004
    fisher 1236x2,viper trident
    6 times

    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    congrats on the silver
    keep diggin

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    Best stay at home dad in the world

    Jul 2007
    Utah county, Utah
    Minelab x-terra 70, Fisher F75, eyes, brain
    11 times
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    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    Congats, nothing like a dog lady to bring good luck

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    So many old sites to little time.

    Aug 2007
    Upstate NY
    Whites DFX (with 4x6 shooter DD coil and 12" spider coil), Minelab Rocco 2700. (E-Trac)
    2430 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    Congrats on the pre 1900 silver. I found my first 1800's silver this year as well.
    Best Finds:

    1786 Vermont Landscape Copper (Ryder 7 variety)
    1787 Vermont Copper
    1787 New Jersey Copper (Maris 63 variety)
    1797 and 1804 DBLCs
    George Washington Inaugural Button (GW 1 type)
    1872 Indian Head Cent (VF/EF condition)
    1866 Indian Head Cent (EF condition)
    1864 "L" Indian Head Cent
    Hard Times Tokens---2
    1840 Gen. Harrison Campaign Token
    1832 Nova Scotia Halfpenny Token
    Two cent pieces---7
    1721 King George I
    1732 King George II
    Barber Half dollars---3
    War Of 1812 Shoulder Belt Plate

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    Johnny Irby

    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    SWEEEET, Let me be the first to give you a big ATA-BOY!! I recall finding my first 1800's silver. WOW is all I was thinking! It never gets old.
    Johnny 8) 8)

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    Oct 2007
    Fisher F75LTD Tek-Point pinpointer Sunray Pro gold headphones
    11 times

    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    Looks like it's in nice condition. Alot of the Barbers from the 1800's are worn slick. Nice job!

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    Oct 2005
    Upper East Tennessee
    1 times

    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    Nice. Still looking for mine.

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    Oct 2006
    White's XLT
    1035 times
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    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    It's always fun to crash through another barrier!
    A gentleman farmer named Floyd
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    The boys in their youth
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    Jul 2007
    27 times
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    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    Congratulations on breaking the century silver mark.


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    Sep 2007
    Middle Tennessee
    -------(Water)------- Garrett Infinium (Relic and Coin) Minelab Sov. Elite Tesoro Bandido UMax White's Blue Grey
    31 times

    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    Good old Barber Dime!
    An undisciplined hunter with a highly capable machine will miss many more targets than a disciplined hunter with a limited machine.

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    Oct 2007
    Hesperia, MI
    Minelab Explorer XS & Explorer II, Fisher 1236-X2
    60 times
    Metal Detecting

    Nice Silver!!!

    It's a great feeling when you finally get under the 1900 mark on silver for the first time.....WTG!!!!

    "There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy's life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure." - Mark Twain, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

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    Feb 2005
    Bavaria Germany
    Minelab XT70, Fisher 1280, Garrett Ace 250 and MH5
    172 times
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    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    Congrats on the silver! HH, Mike

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    Dec 2004
    east northport ny
    Whites Prizm 5 Garrett ace 350
    45 times

    Re: Finally Silver from the 1800s

    congrats on the barber good luck and hh



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