Civil war bullets and a brass tag?
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Thread: Civil war bullets and a brass tag?

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    Civil war bullets and a brass tag?

    Yesterday my parents and I headed back to our civil war hot spot. Sadly the road was closed and we didnt feel like walking, so we just hunted a spot closer to the main road. Still in the middle of nowhere. We were hunting around 3 HUGE boulders that would have been a bushwackers dream, basically natural fortifications with a perfect line of site onto the road. Around the first big rock, laying just underwater in a small stream was the 3 ringer. This bullet was definitely fired and is different than all the other 3 ring bullets we have found in the area. The grooves are deeper and wider than the others we have found. Next, at rock number 2 my mom pulls this beautiful dropped Enfield! I dug what appeared to be a piece of horse tack or a wagon part etc. It reminded me of a very thin stirrup(too thin for any foot to get through, with a large iron ring hanging from it. It had 2 hand forged pins holding the 2 sides together. Sadly I didnt get a pic and the item was left behind(too heavy to carry while hunting and forgot to go back and get it!) I'll drive out there and pick it up, its definitely an interesting piece and with the other finds, could definitely be civil war era. My find for the day is this brass tag. Not much to look at lol. But it sure sounded good on my machine! I have tried to research this Wakami outfitters and realize it is an outfitter and guide business in Ontario canada. I can find no current info for the business and I wonder of anyone has heard of them before? Are they closed? How long have they been around? I'm not sure what this tag came off of, but lots of hikers and people riding horses out in this area. Just not sure what this decently large brass tag would have come off of? Maybe a saddle? Backpack? Any info would be appreciated. Obviously the tag isn't super old(modern phone number), but its driving me crazy finding no other info! Maybe somebody who lives in Canada might know? It was a fun quick hunt and just proves our theory that there was fighting during the civil war at almost every spot on this road, proving the reports from the area at the time of the war were very true. Fired and dropped bullets and buttons everywhere we have stopped and swung a coil. I'll be heading back soon to retrieve my find and to find some more too! Thanks for any help with this tag. If anybody knows anything about this particular 3 ring minie ball, it would be appreciated as well. It has no markings in the base and I have not had a chance to measure and weigh it yet. But I know it's not the same as the others we have found. Maybe something sticks out to one of you pros out there? Thanks for any info and I look forward to sharing my future finds from this killer site for many years to come! Click image for larger version. 

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    First one seems to me to be a more modern muzzleloading rifle bullet, but I donít have weights, and size, nor do I have my book at the moment. Itís clearly never seen oxygen to oxidize it white, so it was probably shot, and ended up in the mud/water. Iím not saying itís not period I just donít have my laptop on hand, and my phone is hard to tell features on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by civil_war22 View Post
    First one seems to me to be a more modern muzzleloading rifle bullet, but I don’t have weights, and size, nor do I have my book at the moment. It’s clearly never seen oxygen to oxidize it white, so it was probably shot, and ended up in the mud/water. I’m not saying it’s not period I just don’t have my laptop on hand, and my phone is hard to tell features on.
    I agree, the 3 ringer looks like a modern black powder bullet, but Enfield looks good.
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    Nice finds, congrats!

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    Great finds hunting with your Parents sounds fun gotta be nice to have an area like that to hunt. Well done and awesome post. Tommy
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    Your tag looks like a dog collar id tag.



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