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Thread: 17th Century Ball Pouch Contents - Colonial Warfare Frozen in Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Tree Chaser View Post
    Heck of an insult.
    Silver tree chaser did an awesome job researching that find and writing all about it so that we would know what the find is and a backstory that makes sense. Definitely not made up with all the evidence.
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    Every artifact has a story, if we're willing to listen

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    One of the most difficult challenges to the hobby of metal detecting is relating some artifacts to an historical event. You do the best to understand the event then envision how the artifact was involved. In my case I usually take a piece of notebook paper, fold it in half length ways, then in one column write all the reasons I think it was involved and in the other column write the reasons it wasn't. I re-visit the list several times to make sure nothing is left out. Then its time to stand back and look at the columns objectively. Sometimes the columns are pretty evenly matched leading to a draw. Other times, one column has a distinct advantage, so a logical conclusion becomes clear. Then I leave it up to others to disprove.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunsil View Post
    Nope, the bottom has a textured pattern from slag at the bottom of the pot and natural wrinkling of the lead as it cools. I have made many of the exact items myself.
    I'm definitely not an expert and have not done it myself so you could be correct.
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    Jim that’s fantastic. So many hunters would have just seen a lump of lead and thrown it into the pouch. The snapshot you presented showed some fantastic research and insight and I appreciate the way you put the evidence together. Great post, fantastic find! Congrats

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    Great finds and illustration of just how tough life was back then, and how good we have it today, regardless of COVID-19.
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    Finally, the last image - I apologize for such a long-thread. While taking photos for this thread, I took a closer look at backside of the ingot with the view of the fiber weave seen earlier in this thread; it has a dark spot. Here's a super-macro image of what I thought was some form of dark minerialization in the lead patina.
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    Congratulations on the finds and presentation.
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    Brilliant post Silver Tree, I've reread it twice now. I love the way you CSI the evidence and support your conclusions with facts, all the while mixing history and education. If you don't write professionally you should consider it. Congratulations on uncovering such a prize, looking forward to your next post

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    excellent write up and finds

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    Congratulations on making banner. Well deserved.
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    To All – Thank you for all the kind comments, encouragement, likes, and votes that helped put this find up on the banner. I can always count on the T-Net membership for support and a community of passionate metal detecting enthusiasts who appreciate what we recover and the fascinating history it all represents. I’m feeling plenty motivated and will be setting my alarm clock for not later than 5:00 am tomorrow morning to get in some detecting time – the boss wants me home by noon!

    In regards to the history this one find represents, the following is a primary source account of the devastation resulting from King Philip’s War written back on July 22, 1676 by Nathaniel Saltonstall. He was a magistrate from Massachusetts, who is best none for resigning from his office over his displeasure with proceedings that would lead to the infamous Salem witch trials. His description of New England at the high water mark of English bloodshed during King Philip’s War is as follows:

    In Narragansett, not one House left standing.

    At Warwick, but one.

    At Providence, not above three.

    At Potuxit, none left.

    Very few at Seaconicke.

    At Swansey, two, at most.

    Marlborough, wholly laid in Ashes, except two or three Houses.

    Grantham and Nashaway, all ruined but one House or two.

    Many Houses burnt at Springfield, Scituate, Lancaster, Brookefield, and Northampton.

    The greatest Part of Rehoboth and Taunton destroyed.

    Great Spoil made at Hadley, Hatfield, and Chelmsford.

    Deerfield wholly, and Westfield much, ruined.

    At Sudbury, many Houses burnt, and some at Hingham, Weymouth, and Braintree.

    Besides particular Farms and Plantations, a great Number not be reckoned up, wholly laid waste, or very much damnified.

    Certainly, the English were just as brutal in their prosecution of the war, and I will provide another reply with a follow-up description from one of their campaigns to provide a fair and balanced perspective.

    Name:  download.jpg
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    Primary sources provide vivid descriptions of the times, places, and events. The history that we are fortunate enough to recover tells the rest of the story.

    Thank you again,

    Good Hunting and Be Safe!
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    I love your research and backstory! Amazing find!
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    i never gave a rats behind about history until I started metal detecting.
    Bravo Sir. great read.
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    You must have some inside information driving you to this specific homestead.

    In my neck of the woods, finding a cabin that did not burn down is challenging. It just seems like they were abandoned (many times fully furnished) and at some point burned down.

    We just don’t have much granular history to connect a burned cabin to a specific event.

    Your lucky to have such lengthy history to be involved in.
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    Sorry Honey, I can’t. I’ve got plans with my metal detector.

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    Outstanding finds, even better post....
    and always a few tools to be found, both underground and online


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