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Thread: Giant pocket spill or small cache...you decide!

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    Great find! I think it could be a poker stash. When I was a young boy in the 1950's I would hear the old guys talking about playing poker back in the woods and having to hide their winnings because they couldn't take it home. Couldn't explain it to the old lady. I know where they played but never thought to detect there.
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    Oooohh, have not seen a nice little spill or cache in a while, nice work Silvermonkey.
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    Apr 2013
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    Definatly a cache awesome find grata
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    $2.20 and no pennies. Definitely seems like a cache but seems like a really weird thing to do. Was this a random spot in the woods, or near an old house? In any case, excellent find! I dream of finding something like that.
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    "Under the rock" - yes, it's a Cache - the bag or tin probably just rotted away.
    Excellent find - congrats !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvermonkey View Post
    Good morning fellow diggers,

    I was poking around in the woods yesterday, trying to get some quality detecting time in before the rain. I was way off trail when I came upon a very solid, very loud signal that sounded too good to pass up. After a little probing, I discovered that the signal was directly under a very large, flat rock. With a little effort I was able to flip the rock over, and pin-point the target. Long story, short the target turned out to be the world's biggest pocket spill, or a cache of coins hidden by someone back around 1920.

    Attachment 1817955Attachment 1817956Attachment 1817957Attachment 1817959

    There were 13 Buffalo nickels, 3 Liberty nickels, 2 Barber dimes, 2 Mercury dimes,

    Attachment 1817960Attachment 1817962Attachment 1817963

    3 Barber quarters, and 1 Standing Liberty quarter

    Attachment 1817964Attachment 1817965

    I can't quite describe how exciting it was to see all of these coins come out of the ground! Thanks for looking! Scott
    Cache , IMHO . WTG!!!!
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