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Thread: A new colonial spot gives me French and multiple Spanish silver coins.

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    Sep 2020
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    Nov 2006
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    A FANTASTIC day in anyones book. Congrats !!
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    Jan 2006
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    Incredible- like an assembly of several hunter's lifetime finds- Congrats doesn't do it justice!
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    -- Jeff --

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    Quote Originally Posted by lenmac65 View Post
    What a haul! All nice finds, but my favorite is also the counterstamped French piece, which is in really great shape with a solid stamp. I bought a couple of those years ago, as I liked to imagine my Quebec ancestors spending them. I would appreciate mine so much more if I dug them like you did. Congrats on all those great finds.
    Thanks lenmac65. I have only ever dug 2 counterstamped French coins, historically, they are much more significant for colonial America. I'm glad my only French in the last 4 years turned out to be of that type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseydevil523 View Post
    You had an amazing day. Congrats.

    Thanks jerseydevil523
    Da Deus Fortunae

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArfieBoy View Post
    Man! What great finds! The counter-stamped French coin really stands out! Thanks for sharing with us. You found a fantastic site.
    Thanks ArfieBoy. It is indeed a great site, couldn't have asked for a better one.
    Da Deus Fortunae

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    Quote Originally Posted by AARC View Post
    Wow... Super stellar.

    Well done and then some... there are 2 there that are banners in my book.
    Thanks for your vote AARC
    Da Deus Fortunae

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    Dec 2015
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    Im drooling I wish I just had 1 silver spanish coin in my collection. That is great glad to see you doing well. Keep those great finds coming I love seeing your finds. ....Tommy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvermonkey View Post
    Whar a sick, sick hunt! Fistfuls of colonial goodness! I'm amazed at the "douzain Henri III of France" coin...simply amazing! You done good!!!!
    Thanks Silvermonkey. I was pretty surprised to get it out of the ground. Made my day
    Da Deus Fortunae

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mackaydon View Post
    BANNER vote from me.
    Outstanding quantity and quality of finds over a two day period (including 100 of the period buttons)
    Go back and keep swinging.
    Thanks Don. I will, for sure. Hopefully the farmer will plow this year, I think there's more stuff in the nail bed
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    Da Deus Fortunae

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    Jul 2017
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    Aureus, just incredible! Are you bored yet? LOL....such exciting finds...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mddavis3 View Post
    Incredible finds! And here I am in Oklahoma excited about finding a 1940's wheat penny.
    Thanks mddavis3
    Da Deus Fortunae

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    Feb 2011
    New Brunswick
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    What an awesome spot my hunting buddy dug the same douzain with counterstamp here in New Brunswick.
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    Feb 2009
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    30711 times
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    When time has, post up a photo of the buttons and anything else of interest from the hunt. (no clean up needed-dirty is cool)
    Once again a site to remember for sure.
    I've only had one site that produced the quantity - couple dozen coppers and two silver (six pence/shilling) some military. It's pasture/hay field so hope of a plow.
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    Jul 2012
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    Incredible finds from an incredible location! I love that counterstamp! If my dreams were as good as this post I would be thrilled. What a place! Congrats I hope you continue to pull some killer coins and relics from there.
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