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Thread: Amazing old gold ring!

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    Congratulations on an amazing historical find! Nice to see you post again.
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    Reminds me of Latin abbreviations like SPQR (the Sentate and People of Rome) and INRI (Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews).

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    Congratulations on such a cool find and making Banner! Yes, you did sound very excited and happy in your video.
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    Dec 2006
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramsundi View Post
    Thank you to everyone for congrats and banner! This is so amazing find, I have been going through history books and tried to find out the story of this ring and I think I got lucky and found out the original owner of this ring! It's not 100% sure yet but quite close. And no, Frodo didn't lost his ring in Finland

    So, there is no stamps inside the ring, not any kind of. There is just initials, NLSQ and SCDF. I found out that in my town, there has been chaplain Abraham Qvist, he was chaplain during 1701-1722. His parents were Nils LarsSon Qvist and Sara ChristiansDotter. Does that ring the bell? I believe that this ring has been Abrahams mourning ring, for the memory of his parents. Only missing clue is that I haven't found his mothers last name from any documents. But I will keep on searching! I also found one source which told that someone robbed Abraham during The Great Northern War. Russians occupied this town and lots of people ran away to Sweden, included Abraham and his family, this happened on 1714. He came back 1721 and died here 1722. I'm still trying to find documents of that robbery, how amazing it would be if there is a comment about this ring!
    nice find and research
    thought i would research their names, wow the name scheme in sweden is a little
    hard to follow, not sure these are the people
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    Congratulations on a great find!

    All the best,

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    stunning ring! congrats!!!!!!!!!
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    Beautiful ring. Congratulations on your awesome find.

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    Wow, so pretty and unique, stellar find!
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    From now on its called the "RAMSUNDI" ring.

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    I have looked at this a dozen times. Just realized I had not commented. The ring is just stunning. That's the kind of stuff that needs to be banner. Thank you for sharing.
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