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    Darla Texas treasures

    Here are some of my better finds over the last few months. All have been found in montgomery county here in texas country!! There is a rare republica mexicana military button circa 1820's, a civil war era button, stirling silver coin purse (still looking for the coins )a lead military payroll seal (Army E & Co) lead toy soldiers appear to be mexican or french. These are some of the finds that took 1st place at our local meetings which I am pretty proud of considering I have been detecting for a little over a year. Does anyone think these are good enough to submit for best find with western and eastern treasure.

    Any and all pointers appreciated


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    Mar 2004
    N.E. Ohio

    Darla Texas treasures

    Darla i am new to MDing but i like them and would show them off all the time (nice finds)

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    Darla Texas treasures

    Quote Originally Posted by JustMe
    Darla i am new to MDing but i like them and would show them off all the time (nice finds)
    Thanks, I pull alot of scrap metal out of the ground too but when I pull something out of the ground that is like one of these finds somehow it is all worth wild. Keep up the detecting, if it is one thing I have learned in the past year a site is never hunted out. I have hunted one piticular site over the course of a year and have pulled out over 3,000 targets and I still pull out good stuff. The sit is only about 2 acres.


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    Darla Texas treasures

    Darla. Nice finds. I am just starting my second year, If the snow ever melts. What kind of detector do you use. I know that Whites is interested in anything found with one of their detectors. If you have another, they may also be interested. Lance

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    I guess we are both still considered new at the detecting game, both of us going on our 2nd year. I use a garrett gtax 1250 for 99% of my finds. I also have a whites mxt. The Garrett is is more light weight and is alot more accruate on identification, as well as I believe more sturdy. I have used both. Since I do more relic hunting the garret serves the purpose very well. I go detecting quite often when I am not working, always looking for the special find to show off at the next meeting. I am the newest member of our club having joined last year march. I feel like I have accomplished alot in the past year, I enjoy competition, some would say I thrive on it I wone detectorist of the year for our club for last year and am off to a good start for this year. Some would say it is luck, however with as many targets as I dig I feel the rewards will pay off for anybody who puts in the time and does the research.

    happy detecting, drop me a line sometime if you want to talk detecting...




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