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    Finally the ground is melting!!!

    I finally got to get out and do some of the first detecting of the year. I had only been out twice before and both in an old church up the road where the sun shines on one patch of ground and it thaws first. I had found a merc dime and a nice 1901 Indian head along with a 1946 Ecuador 5 centavos, but nothing really great.
    Today it was drizzling, but since I got to get out of work at noon, I was going to go out and detect no matter what. The only area good enough to work was an area on our own property that I had really gone over many times last year. The advantage right now is that everything is really wet. I was only out there a few minutes when I got a deep hit that indicated dollar one way and dime penny the other. This usually means a deep piece of iron, but I dug it anyway. I was really suprised when a large cent popped out at 8 inches. It was really muddy, but I could see that it was in better shape than most I have found. I think this is because this is usually a very dry area.
    I went inside and cleaned it up. It turned out to be a extremely fine 1837 large cent. I got out my photograde book and redbook and it appears to book for about $110.00. Not a bad day.
    Sorry, don't have a camera, I will have to arrange for one and send a pick later......Lance

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    Finally the ground is melting!!!

    That sounds like a great find to me! I dig in the deep south and have only dug in frozen ground 3 times, the last two times I did my digging with a cold chisel and hammer, I had to take the lumps home and thaw them out to remove the coins. My brother broke his nose on frozen ground when he was trying to pry a coin from the ground with his trowel digger, and his hands slipped - splat!



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