Wow, Old ballfield coughs up a seated
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    Feb 2005
    Three Rivers
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    Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    Hi all, I got a good story to tell you all. It will be long so bare with me. It all started 2 summers ago. I was sitting on my front porch and my father inlaw saw me getting ready to go out for a hunt. He told me about this place that is a bar now but used to be a old dancing place. I won't use specifics because to many people on here hunt in my city. He told me about the old timers used to play poker all the time up at this place.

    I got directions from him and went to the spot. I found the old picnic tables they used to play poker at. With little luck me and my brother found just some modern clad. A guy then approached me and asked what I was doing and why I was here. I told him my father inlaw sent me here to detect. He said who's your father inlaw. I stated his name and he then said oh I grew up with him. He gave me permission to hunt.

    There is a giant law in front of this place that I really wanted to hunt. I waited a few minutes and explained to him if I was very neat could I hunt the lawn. He said go ahead. Almost as soon as my coil touched the ground silver was coming up. We hit a gold mine. To date I have found over 50 silver coins just from this lawn. Nothing older than a 1918 merc. Over 150 Wheaties a few gold rings some tokens and a few buffaloe nickles. Lance found the oldest coin at the site. A 1906 v-nickle.

    I like to visit this site every now and then. I like to let it sit for awhile and see if it will give up anything. Well tonight it was calling me. It's been a good 6 months since I have been to the site. I started with the lawn like usual. After about a hr or so all I had to show for was one Wheaties.

    There is a old ball Field on this property but it is all locked and gated up. I have full permission to the site at all times so it's no problem. I couldn't believe my eye's tonight when I saw after a decade probably they finally cut the grass. I had hit the Field in the past but only found one Wheaties because the grass was to high all the time.

    I decided now is the time to hunt this Field. Just happened to be there at the right time. Almost as soon as me and my boy got in we hit a wheat. Him doing the bullseye me running the unit. We continued the hunt and was turning up clad. Got a few wheat's in between. Got a good silver dime reading and I looked down and there is a 39 merc on the surface. I felt good at that point. I then found a 50 Roosevelt. We kept hunting and I found a nice silver plate Mary pendant. This one is different though guys. It says on it Our lady of mercy pray for us. Then at the very bottom it says 1887 to 1962. On the back it has Jesus and says mission of our lady of mercy. At the very bottom it says chicago Illinois. Then Italy is stamped on it also.

    It was getting late and I told my son one more hole. I got a good signal for a silver dime and out popped one. It was worn down and thought it to be a barber right. I got it home and to my surprise it is a 1877 seated dime. I was shocked for a moment. This place is only from the 20's. She pretty worn down and is bent up some but these are great to find.

    I think from experience that the Field had been hunted but not for a long time. It should have been loaded. They never hit the lawn or maybe they never got permission to hunt it. My other theory is that the Field had been laid over the owner told me at some time years ago. The ground is so bad and inconsistent you can tell. There's about 5 different types of rock and soil over this Field. So I'm not sure if I'm just hitting coins that didn't actually get laid over. Or someone hunted it some how without permission and fought the tall grass for whatever they could get.

    I'll most likely go back tomorrow. It isn't loaded but there's still at least 2 or 3 more trips worth of targets there. Ground was like a brick also and with a good rain I may get some more depth. There may be some gold on this Field. I left alot of gold targets behind. I'll keep you all posted. Sorry about the novel. Just wanted to share what I thought about this great site that was passed to me by word of mouth.

    Good Luck Jeremy
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    May 2005
    1 times

    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    sounds like a great site, way to go.

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    Mar 2005
    Hills near Eureka,Ca
    6 times

    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    SWEEEET!!---I donno about you,,, but for me, Seateds are a rare find. You gotta be doin somthin right. Great story,hey ,,I dont mind readin.Awesome pics too.Man, those ballfields can be tuff,your right, their almost always multi-layovers,usually just in the infield.I grid them from ALL directions.It helps ferreting out good targets in the different rocks and mineralization levels. But if you keep hittin it,you might dig a GRANDSLAM...Keep us posted..Good Luk..Resurector

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    Jan 2005
    Sand Springs, OK
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    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    How deep were the silver coins? JIM
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    Dec 2004
    Wayne County, NY
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    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    Excellent! Keep going back to the ball field, we're waiting for more pics!
    .~.~.~.~. Dig it up .~.~.~.~.

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    Mar 2005
    2 times

    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated


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    May 2005
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    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    That is one great site you have there jer.I bet it was fun to be with your son for the "time of fun".Congrats on the finds ,great job .You guys are an awesome team.WTG!!!

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    Jan 2005
    Central Indiana
    3 times

    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    great story and finds!wtg

    whites mxt,dd1400 coil

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    Jul 2004
    18 times

    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    Wow!!! is right...
    Great digs, Jer... Sounds like the site still has a few good years left to it.
    Good luck & Happy hunting~

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    Apr 2005
    7 times
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    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    Congrats ! Enjoyed your story. It looks like you found some great sites to hunt! Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your finds.

    Huntin 59er

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    Feb 2005
    West Michigan
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    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    Excellent finds Jer, sounds like a great place to hunt!

    keep us posted with anymore finds made there!



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    Jul 2004
    2 times

    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    Great finds, Love the Seated, I'd be living their.
    CZ-5 Coin Magnet & 1236X-2

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    Sep 2004
    17 times

    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    Jer, Great story. Your stories always sound like they are right out of W&E....
    Maybe you shouild write and TH full time...or maybe you do I guess I really don't know

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    Apr 2005
    In the Lake in Chicago
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    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    really nice stuff. congrats

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    Apr 2005
    Location: Undisclosed
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    895 times
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    Re: Wow, Old ballfield cough's up a seated

    I think you just found an unsearched site. You have found so much in just the open areas now. I would be searching the outside perimeter of the property. Search for big old trees or tree stumps, look for man made Crosses, and big rocks, I smell a cache. (Some People felt a cross would protect their cache.)

    Keep us posted on this site and HH!!
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