got out 1 in 9 days of vacation (found keys)
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    rusty nails

    got out 1 in 9 days of vacation (found keys)

    i went way deep in the woods that r out beyond my house this morning - searched the trails and a dried up creek bed - this one smaller tree about 12" the ace went crazy - i ended up staying there about 1/2 an hr - finding 2 fat 3/8 diameter skeleton type keys - they had a simple end - looked like maybe they were for a padlock - they have dates and prints on them 19__ - they r soaking - plus some real thin - regular keys - i was looking at dig cams the other night cant make up my mind - when i get some type of collection - i will try the goofy logitech cam i have - to shoot them - anyways - IT WAS FUN ! - u know when u get a target out there its going to be atleast ineteresting - just makes u wonder (sp) what in the world was going on out there and when , why Leftybassplayer - oh yah leftybass was leftysinger last week - did a set with a great blues band at a huge party - there was 4 bass players at this party - so i had to wing it - LBP

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    Re: got out 1 in 9 days of vacation (found keys)

    Those keys sound great. Can't wait to see the pictures. Love those skeleton keys.

    Glad you had fun jammin' with your friends.

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    Re: got out 1 in 9 days of vacation (found keys)

    I like finding things like that.
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    Re: got out 1 in 9 days of vacation (found keys)

    Sounds cools, can't wait for the pics!!

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