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    Mar 2004
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    Re: War of 1812 (sidewalk constuction)!!!

    hole or no hole,love the 1812

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    Re: War of 1812 (sidewalk constuction)!!!

    Wow, Diggin, Those are great finds. Congratulations.

    Did you know you can modify your posts after you post them. It took me a while to figure it out. Now I go back and fix almost every post I submit cuz I find mistakes! Just click on modify when you view your post.

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    Re: War of 1812 (sidewalk constuction)!!!

    Hey Diggin, you may have a rare real there. Most reals from this time come from Mexico City, and should have the letter M with a small zero over it. Also the assayers in 1812 were Jaoquin Davila Madrid and Jose Garcia Ansldo. There should be the letters JJ right where the hole is on the reverse. I see an R there, which could mean Guadelajara, which is quite rare. Can you tell me what the letters on the reverse read after the word REX. and I can give you a better idea of where it was minted and what the value might be. Thanks and congrats...Lance

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    Re: War of 1812 (sidewalk constuction)!!!

    I don't think anyone on the forum will care if your spelling is a little off. Its probably because you're still shaking after finding those nice coins.
    I just got back from hunting another sidewalk project too but haven't posted yet because I just got home, and its too dark out to take the pictures.
    Just think, those coins would have been covered up again for good if you had not found them when you did.
    Thanks for posting.


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    Re: War of 1812 (sidewalk constuction)!!!

    Thanks guys for all the info and reply's. Oh yeah, you bet I was excited a bit when I turned up the 1812 silver and with what Comfyinvermont is telling me here, I'm getting even more so.

    Hey Thanks Haupin for the inside advise about fixing my forums, no doubt I'll be using it!

    Comfyinvermont, you're my man now! Here's what you're looking for... hook me up with some good news buddy! ...
    There's no letter M with a number 0 over it, it's the letter R.

    The letter's after REX are either:
    N.R.IR (hole).P
    N.R.1R(hole).P ........ can't really determain if it's a number 1 or letter I.
    I'll try a blown up pic of the reverse if it doesn't get distorted.

    Searching the net, I did figure it was minted in Mexico but that's all I got out of it. I can't seem to find exactly the coin that I have here with PERDND.VII whoever he is?

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    .~.~.~.~. Dig it up .~.~.~.~.

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    Re: War of 1812 (sidewalk constuction)!!!

    I'm liking those oldies alot. Old coins are the best. You did good. Try and get back and make sure it's clean.

    HH Jer


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