school playground
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    james 101

    school playground

    took my son to the park today and he skunked me with out a md hes 5 he found a toonie i found about 49 cents nothing old and a pull tabs and what not found this all with my new 49.99 radio shack special hh everyone

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    Apr 2005
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    Re: school playground

    Great Training sites those playgrounds, Keep hunting, Keep learning your machine, Keep Posting. You also need to get a camera and post pictures of your finds. You should do some research and find the old sites in your area get permission and hunt safe. You and your sun will be doing this for a lifetime...I hope!

    Keep at and HH!!
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    james 101

    Re: school playground

    i took a pic to post but when i tried to attach it said it was to big any ideas on how to make it smaller thanks

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    Feb 2005
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    Re: school playground

    Keep at it, you'll find better stuff!



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    May 2005
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    Re: school playground

    Hard to say, not knowing what software you have on your computer.? ?See if you have an image editing software. There might be something in Windows or maybe something that came with your camera.? I have several on my computer including NikonView, since I have a Nikon Camera.? Or, you might have Photoshop or some derivative of that.? ?Or, maybe try emailing your picture to yourself.? Some services, like AOL will allow you to embed your picture into an email.? It might ask you about optimizing the image for email.? That would do most of what you need to do.? Then, try copying the photo from your email and saving it onto your computer.? Then upload that saved image.? ?

    If you do have a photo editing software, open the photo and then look for something like Image Size or Resize.? ?You want to change the image dimensions to 640 x 426 or 640x480, depending on the format of your original pictures.? ?Once resized, SAVE AS a new file and select .jpg or JPEG and select a medium compression.? ?Medium compression might also be referred to as Image Quatity etc.? When you go to save your picture, most programs will ask about file type, (JPEG) and then Image Quality (Good or Medium).? On Photoshop, I am asked a scale of 1-12.? I usually select about 5 or 6.? Then you can upload the picture onto the site here as you attempted before.?

    Hope this helps.? If you know of a specific program you are going to try and use, post that and maybe someone who is familiar can post better instructions.? ?

    Good Luck and Happy Hunting.?

    Here is a picture I took today. It is 640x426 and medium (5) compression on Photoshop. It is of all the better or more interesting items that I have found in the 4 months or so that I have been detecting. ?
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    Apr 2005
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    Re: school playground

    Welcome to you and your son to the forum ! As time goes on your finds will get better and better. And it's good that you're getting to spend quality time with your son. Good Luck and H H !

    Huntin' 59er



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