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    Aug 2004
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    Sacramento area finds today...

    Visiting from New York and spent the morning/afternoon with RVBVetter from the forum. We hit a few parks, but spent most of the time at a lot RVBVetter researched. We met up and he showed me these incredible finds all from earlier trips to this small lot you will have to see when he posts photos. Two really nice civil war era uniform buttons with very clear eagles on the front and writing on the back, a seated coin from late 1800s (I don't recall, but gather that's a dime), an 1873 Indian head in very nice shape, a barber dime and a Merc or two. So we hit the lot and there are two huge trees (had to be 150 years old or older) right in the middle of this lot. It looks really good and is along a railroad track. Not much luck for a while and then he finds a nice old "People's Bank" copper token with a nice patina that says "If you deposit $5.00 in a savings account this token is worth 50cents." On the other side it has this exact image of the People's Bank building link below. Of course, we both got fired up when we first saw this come out of the ground given what he had found there already. That was our best find of the day along with some clad in the parks. (Thanks to Ron, CA for pointing us to some good parks. He has the knack for finding the deep silver and was nice to point me to some good places, but my equipment isn't good for the deep stuff.)

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    Aug 2004
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    Re: Sacramento area finds today...

    Thanks again to RVBVetter for the great day. If anyone is traveling to different areas, I recommend you post ahead and you will find plenty of nice people in almost any region to meet up and detect.

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    Re: Sacramento area finds today...

    Sounds like you had a really great time!!!

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    Re: Sacramento area finds today...

    Really enjoyed the chance to hunt with Bergie today. Had loads of fun, along with great weather too. I feel i let him down a little on the lucrative sites dept. though. Maybe when your out this way again sometime, we can hook up and try some more spots.
    Thanks for inviting me detecting today, and i look forward to doing it again sometime. HH



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