Return to the Yellow Springs House
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    Oct 2007
    Dayton, Oh
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    Return to the Yellow Springs House

    Hi all,

    Jeff and I hit the house again today as it was beautiful outside and we don't know when it will be torn down.

    I guess we have hit it pretty hard. We got next to nothing. I pulled one 1942 dime and a few wheats and some CLAD--hahha. We had fun though and met the care taker from years ago. Several generations of folks lived there-some from Germany. Some other guy just wondered through the property admiring the trees. Said he will be sad to see it become a senior care center.

    Anyway just some photos today then. And my Whites Bullseye -II pin pointer went on the fritz again--darn button quits working.

    Jeff did about the same. He kept getting good hits then dig and nothing--the phantom knows!

    Front door

    Front corner of the yard

    Side door

    Out back fireplace

    Back entry


    Whites M-6

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    Nov 2007
    White Eagle Spectrum

    Re: Return to the Yellow Springs House

    Nice photos, lookin forward to seeing the finds
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    Mar 2007
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    Re: Return to the Yellow Springs House

    hey another silver dime is always good my friend..... when they do tear it down, if they do any bulldozer work.. I'd plead, beg and offer my next born to get to hunt it again.... just removing a few inches of topsoil can make all the difference in the world......... how many total coins have you guys pulled out of there?

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    Oct 2004
    Dayton, Ohio
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    Re: Return to the Yellow Springs House

    Wow I don't know how I missed all those posts. Awesome hunts at a super place. I just found a civil war token from Springfield last week in Beavercreek, yes I said Beavercreek. I can't believe the Spanish silver, you've beat my oldest coin by about 50 years. Yellow Springs would be a place to get permissions, super age and old, I mean OLD parks.
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