Are Tokens worth anything Money wise?
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    Feb 2009

    Are Tokens worth anything Money wise?

    I have many tokens and some old coins. Though I've never thought they may be worth anything. Someone today told me differently. I was raise on a farm that was built in three sections. The 3rd in 1917. The second in 1911. The first was just two old stone rooms. We never could find a dated for it. When remodeling the house I found all kinds of stuff. One being the oldest legally noted land receipt form ever found in Harford Co. MD. I've been collecting and Hunting for things my whole life. A few yrs back after hearing someone found a old rare document at a yard sale off I went. I bought an old sea trunk for a quarter. In it I found a box full of old tokens,pennies(Indian Head) some dating to the civil war 1863. Nickels(Buffalo) Gold and silver watches. A few old Pearl Harbor Bills. A one,Five,Ten. These I no longer have as a family member stole them. I also found some old oriental Coins Very old if their real. I've never been able to find any thing like them.

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    Re: Are Tokens worth anything Money wise?

    Tokens are worth from nothing up to somewhere over $10,000 each. But asking a general question like that is like asking "is my car worth anything?"

    Post a few examples and folks will give you some ideas.

    John in ID

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    Re: Are Tokens worth anything Money wise?

    Idahotokens is right....depends upon the token. A buddy of mine found a couple New Mexico tokens a couple months ago. One sold for 650.00 and the other for 600.00....not bad for an hours diggin! Alot of guys on here have token books that will give rarity...or you can buy some yourself...but it all comes down to how much a collector is willing to pay or how much "2" collectors duke it out for!
    HH Kieth

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    Jan 2009
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    Re: Are Tokens worth anything Money wise?

    #1 i would say tokens are valuable. there are a lot of low end stuff but on the high end it's worth finding out the value. then finding the market.
    i collect coal scrip especially tn, al, tx and oh. and lumber when i can find one i can afford.
    coal ranges from .25 to over $100 and lumber ranges from $2 to over $200 there are thousands of each. wv mines were by far the biggest user of tokens.
    most transportation coins are low value but there always is that rare one.
    saloon, drug store, pool hall, bars, good for, merchants, plantations, pickers, in trade, dog tags all these tokens have a very wide range of prices. there are the $1 tokens and there are rare tokens may be over $100 especially saloon. i've heard of them selling over $500. then there are commerative, fraternal, presidential, tax, wood nickles, awards, amusement, ration, gas, celebration ...seldom have much value in my opinion.

    anyway there are so many areas of tokens one has to specialize. i know people that collect only one county or one state. they are hard to find once you get beyond the common ones and the hunt is just as fun as digging silver out of the ground.

    you might notice i didn't mention civil war, hard times, suttlers, military, encased, ancient coins...etc i don't know much about them. but i do know condition matters more in my opinion.
    coal and lumber started use around 1880 to late 40's early 50's. the oldest coal token is 'dated' 1881. the latest into the early fifties even though there were laws in place to stop their usage by that time.





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