Tokens: to sell or not to sell??
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    Apr 2006
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    Tokens: to sell or not to sell??

    Hi Guys;

    I have a ? for you all.. I found 2 each of 2 different rare local tokens. My hunting partner found one of them also. Now,The local coin shop dealer is a token collector. I sold one of each of the tokens for$100.each in trade for a gold coin. Then about 6 months later my Friend sold his one token on ebay for $400 bucks...
    I made a copy of it and stopped by the coin shop and showed the owner what my friend sold his for..He said he thought he got a good deal when he bought mine but Had no idea that they would sell for that much...Then he said he would check with a Friend of his and see if that is a true or fair price for it, and if it is
    he would buy my other one for cash or trade. My question is, knowing that these are the only known ones of these tokens, should I hang on to them or sell them Blumax

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    Oct 2004
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    Re: Tokens: to sell or not to sell??

    I collect tokens and enjoy finding them more than common silver coins. However, I would be willing to sell a dug token if the price was right. I'm trying to think what kind of token you found that's worth that kind of money. Must be a western token or a sutler token, I found three unlisted $1.00 lumber company tokens and traded two of them for cash, a reference book and a nice set of scrip. I felt the person who was a well known collector of this type of token should own some. Tokens from my town or certain areas I favor would be harder to part with. As mentioned, a hoard of that token may turn up some where and the bottom would fall out.
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    Feb 2008
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    Re: Tokens: to sell or not to sell??

    Don`t do it! I say this from my own bad experience.
    Last summer,I dug a token that I did not ID.It was shaped like a shield and advertised "The Bimel Carriage Company" of Sydney,OH.I knew I had something when I pulled it out of the ground.In my loupe,I could clearly read the token makers name on the edge-Whitehead & Hoag ,N.J.
    Then one day ,the annual coin and token show rolled around.The token was by then burning a hole in my pocket. The dealers jaw dropped when he saw it.I traded it for a 1800 half cent,and have regretted it ever since.
    I leave the empty space in my collection to remind me not to be stupid again!

    Do yourself a favor and hang on to it for a few more years.
    It is neither wealth nor splendor,but tranquility and occupation which give happiness
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