Where to spend my money????
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Thread: Where to spend my money????

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    Jun 2021
    Western Washington
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    Question Where to spend my money????


    My $10 kids toy detector was enough to get me interested, but not enough to keep me hunting. I want something more robust to play with. As you can see, I'm brand spanking new to the hobby, but I want to get some finds under my belt that aren't just the yard staples in my garden or lost nails in my driveway. Something with more than an on/off switch and a volume dial.

    My budget is on the low end, meaning under $500ish..... I know I want a detector and a pointer. I am in Washington State, in the South Puget Sound Area (Olympia / Lacey is my home base), which means beaches, both salt water and fresh water lakes, but also will be looking around places like schools, parks, playgrounds, hiking trails.... wherever I can find to legally dig while I get my bearings and figure out what I like vs what I can go without. I do realize I'll be finding lots of trash. I figure I'm mostly looking for coins and rings, as following people's findings these are the things I get most excited about.

    In addition to my yard and surrounding grounds, I honestly expect to be mostly beach hunting (I think).

    I have pretty moderate back issues, so the lighter side of things would be good for me.

    What detector should I start with?
    What pointer should I start with?
    I have a garden shovel, but I've read that the best to start with is one with a serrated edge on one side & sharp on the other - any favorites you suggest?
    let's see....what else.... I read somewhere an apron with pockets is your friend.....but I don't want to look like a grocery store worker digging around on the ground....but of course "how I look" is the least of my overall concerns.

    oh.... and a sand sifter I think I read.... are there different types or makes that are better than others, or do I just get a cat box poop scoop?


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    Jun 2021
    Western Washington
    5 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Over 120 reads, not one reply. Well poop.
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    "Is that a Geiger Counter?"

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    Terry's on the mark (that's normal). I really have zero beach hunting experience so I'm unqualified to recommend a detector. Minelab's a great brand in general; as are Lesche and Garrett. Good choices.

    Personally I'd wait on the shovel and go for a M-85 Digging Tool/trowel from Lesche. But then I'm a coin hunter and have a shovel but seldom carry it except in the woods.
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    Sep 2021
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    im in the same boat. about 500 to spend and just enough info to be dangerous... HELP!
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    Aug 2016
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    Quote Originally Posted by RochesterNY View Post
    im in the same boat. about 500 to spend and just enough info to be dangerous... HELP!
    As Terry mentioned above, contact a sponsor on this forum. They will be glad to explain the detectors and will determine what best fits your needs.
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    Aug 2016
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    Welcome to Treasure net
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    Welcome to Tnet .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
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    Where to spend my money????

    Can?t disagree with the majority of Terry?s suggestions (although I?m not familiar with the machine). Keep in mind that you don?t have to start maxed out on equipment. Consider what you will be doing the most of now (park vs. Beach vs. Woods) and gear up for that. You can add other equipment over time so you aren?t breaking the bank all at once.

    If the park, don?t be the guy carrying a shovel. Consider a Lesche or hand digging tool if you can kneel. Doesn?t piss the lookie loos off as much.

    Beach: scoop is important. I?ve got the Stealth 920i and I?ve heard others rate them high but they are pricey. There?s lots of threads on the Beach and Water sub about this. Check it out.

    Apron: it?s a cheap way to go but I found I was afraid of dumping it when I kneeled or bent so I got a bag that hangs at my side. Bags are numerous (I have the Garrett bag) but something to consider is getting one that?s fairly deep and has a zippered pocket inside the bag which also zips. You don?t want to be putting your silver into the same area as your junk.

    Pinpointer: spend the extra $10 and get the AT version.
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    Sep 2020
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    Lowe,s and Home Depot type stores have a huge selection of carpenter and electricians type pouches and bags,belts,suspenders and the like.You can mix and match whatever suits you!



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