No more metal detecting NC state park beaches!
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Thread: No more metal detecting NC state park beaches!

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    Feb 2013
    Eastern NC
    Minelab X-Terra 705
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    No more metal detecting NC state park beaches!

    Eager to finally get my new X-Terra 705 bloodied, the girlfriend and I decided to head to our coast today and do some beach hunting. As much research as I could turn up here and on other sites was that NC state park beaches near Fort Fisher and Fort Macon were legal for metal detecting during the non-summer months (1 October to 1 June). Fort Macon beach is one of our usual haunts anyway so that's where we went.

    We hadn't been on the sand half an hour when Mr. Ranger came by, parked, and walked up to us. Although he was polite about it, he asked if we knew we were in a state park. I told him what I had learned about the winter months. His reply was that, as of this year, that was no longer true, and there was no metal detecting allowed in any NC state park ever...period. He told us we were more than welcome to head south down the beach beyond the park boundary, but that everything north on the island was now permanently off limits. Then he asked if we had found any Civil War era items, which he obviously would've confiscated had we had any and had I replied in the affirmative. Then he walked a little further to harass an older couple who was also MDing.

    Our tax dollars at work...I was so proud

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    Nov 2004
    macon, ga
    whites 6000D, Whites Classic 4,
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    Same thing here in Georgia. NO MD in state parks. Also look for more and more laws in the USA to "protect" History".
    What a joke. Makes me proud to be in the land of the free. Ok, Rant over.
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    May 2010
    White Plains, New York
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    You MUST know the laws in your County and State. If that Ranger's wife had cheated on him last night, you might have had your machine confiscated and be left holding a multi-hundred dollar ticket. Bad ju-ju indeed. Glad you were able to move down the beach and the Ranger realized you were a newbie.

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    Feb 2013
    atm, whites sl II classic
    39 times
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    Hi, all....this is really getting depressing. all the public lands are under siege wether it be bureau of land managment, EPA, DNR and the list goes on. Their more open to horseback, walking trails. not much for prospecting example your allowed for "now" to search for gold in national parks all your allowed is a pan and #2 shovel I mean really?? Not even a hand sluice spring flooding does more for soil erosion than a person with a hand sluice.I found that out last year in N Carolina. The only group of people fighting for continued land use that I know of is the gpaa and then theirs individuals but we get ran over all the time. I can understand a landowner getting mad at you for trespassing...I have 80+ acres in KY and I can't stop people from running over it, it happens on a regular basis so I just have to deal with it but public lands that tax dollars pay for?? That alone should provide a buffer zone of some sort. To speak of private land owners (sigh) I went to Texas last year with some stops on the hunt for the elusive blue topaz (their state gemsotne) they have down there. I drove about 5.5hrs from Dallas where I had business, to a private property that the landowner would allow me to hunt there. When i got to his house the yard was a mess looked like a dump zone and i didn't want to trespass so I stopped at one of his neighbors houses about .25mi away to find out what was going on, she told me that he had passed away less than a year ago and his son sold it to a sand and gravel pit (absolutely NO TRESPASSING) to my dismay I aimlessly drove around looking for the particualr rock that it forms in hoping to find some roadside property to do a search. Theres only about 15mi of land in the whole state to find this gemstone one place is a pay to dig at an old Tiffanys mine that if it had any real value they'd still own it. I had all my eggs in that one basket because I didn't know any of the property owners and most had their land posted if i could even see a house on the property there pretty spread out down there...I think i will start a new thread on this topic people its not just guns their after. The little guy doesn't stand much of a chance these days between uptight land owners and public lands restrictions. I'm going to basically repost this statemnt in the next couple days on a new thread....If we don't stand up for our own rights who will...oh yea should a landowner give you permission to do some hunting on their land PLEASE be mindful of their land, respect it and others will be allowed to enjoy some fresh air there just like you got too
    Thanks , Don
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    Link's Clone

    Dec 2012
    WA State
    Garrett AT Pro + ProPointer
    107 times
    In WA State, they have the SMALLEST sections in each state park that you are allowed to Metal Detect. I swear they allow around like 3 benches in each state park and that's about it.
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    Dec 2012
    S.E. Michigan.
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    As I have stated in other threads, In my area in Michigan one State Park ,over 600 acres, camp ground, Lake Huron beach,play ground, Day use area, for non-campers,pic-nic area, and a welcome metal detectors on their web site! Another close by, offers MDing, but in restricted areas. Some in Mich. no metal detecting
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    Hey! I found a .........

    Jul 2006
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    Unfortunately due to the recent metal detecting "reality" shows that portray us as greedy money-hungry opportunists, I am afraid this is a harbinger of what is in store for our hobby more and more.
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    Feb 2013
    West Michigan, Holland
    Tesoro Vaquero Garrett AT Pro 1 Garrett Pro Pointer 1 Lesche Trowel
    33 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    DNR - Metal Detecting in State Parks

    Metal Detecting in State Parks

    Metal detecting is recognized as a legitimate recreation activity when it is conducted in ways that do not damage the natural and cultural resources in Michigan State Parks nor violate applicable state statues. Any items found must be reviewed by park staff and may be retained for further investigation.

    Entire park open:

    Brimley State Park
    Grand Haven State Park
    Lakeport State Park
    Mears State Park
    Traverse City State Park

    Parks with designated areas (maps are provided on the linking pages):

    Algonac State Park
    Aloha State Park
    Bald Mountain Recreation Area
    Baraga State Park
    Bay City State Park
    Bewabic State Park
    Brighton Recreation Area
    Cheboygan State Park
    Clear Lake State Park
    Craig Lake State Park
    Duck Lake State Park
    Grand Mere State Park
    Harrisville State Park
    Hartwick Pines State Park
    Hayes State Park
    Highland Recreation Area
    Hoeft State Park
    Hoffmaster State Park
    Holland State Park
    Holly Recreation Area
    Indian Lake State Park
    Ionia Recreation Area
    Island Lake Recreation Area
    Lake Gogebic State Park
    Lake Hudson Recreation Area
    Ludington State Park
    Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area
    Mitchell State Park
    Muskegon State Park
    Negwegon State Park
    Orchard Beach State Park
    Ortonville Recreation Area
    Otsego Lake State Park
    Petoskey State Park
    Pinckney Recreation Area
    Pontiac Lake Recreation Area
    Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park
    Proud Lake Recreation Area
    Rifle River Recreation Area
    Saugatuck Dunes State Park
    Seven Lakes State Park
    Silver Lake State Park
    Sleeper State Park
    Sleepy Hollow State Park
    South Higgins Lake State Park
    Sterling State Park
    Tawas Point State Park
    Twin Lakes State Park
    Van Buren State Park
    Van Riper State Park
    Warren Dunes State Park
    Waterloo Recreation Area
    Wilderness State Park
    Wilson State Park
    Yankee Springs Recreation Area
    Young State Park

    Parks closed to metal detecting:

    Agate Falls Scenic Site
    Bass River Recreation Area
    Bond Falls Scenic Site
    Burt Lake State Park
    Cambridge Junction Historic State Park
    Coldwater Lake State Park
    Dodge #4 State Park
    Father Marquette Memorial Scenic Site
    Fayette Historic State Park
    Fisherman's Island State Park
    Fort Custer Recreation Area
    Fort Wilkins Historic State Park
    Hart-Montague Trail State Park
    Interlochen State Park
    Kal-Haven Trail State Park
    Lakelands Trail State Park
    Laughing Whitefish Falls Scenic Site
    Leelanau State Park
    Maybury State Park
    Meridian-Baseline State Park
    McLain State Park
    Muskallonge Lake State Park
    Newago State Park
    North Higgins Lake State Park
    Onaway State Park
    Palms Book State Park
    Port Crescent State Park
    Sanilac Petroglyphs Historic State Park
    Straits State Park
    Sturgeon Point Scenic Site
    Tahquamenon Falls State Park
    Thompson's Harbor State Park
    Van Buren Trail State Park
    Wagner Falls Scenic Site
    Warren Woods State Park
    William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor
    Wells State Park
    Wetzel State Recreation Area
    Fred Meijer White Pine Trail State Park
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    Mar 2007
    Salinas, CA
    Explorer II, Compass 77b, Tesoro shadow X2
    10065 times
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    Nickeltabs: "any items found must be reviewed by park staff?". Tell me that's not serious, haha
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    Jan 2013
    fayette county wv
    Garrett AT PRO, 5X8 DD, white's coin master pro, 4X6 DD, garrett propointer
    672 times
    Metal Detecting
    well darn i was gonna go looking for black beards gold oh well

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    Mar 2013
    Up state NY
    Xp Deus ,
    1642 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    In NY it is plainly stated upheld that all gold found is the property ofNY even on your own land

    This state is tough if there's a law we got it when Feds make new laws they don't faze us our laws are already harsher
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    Mar 2013
    1 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Altho not in the US, don't these people realize how much trash treasure hunters pick up and dispose of properly? We went to a local beach and except for the odd coin, we picked up half a 5 gal pail of pull tabs, barely hidden in the sand. I wonder what they do to bare feet. Since the water was low we headed way out and again barely under the sand was an old very rusty swede saw blade about 30" long, in what was part of the usual swimming area.

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    Feb 2013
    Eastern NC
    Minelab X-Terra 705
    52 times
    Metal Detecting
    Quote Originally Posted by Takelababy View Post
    Altho not in the US, don't these people realize how much trash treasure hunters pick up and dispose of properly? We went to a local beach and except for the odd coin, we picked up half a 5 gal pail of pull tabs, barely hidden in the sand. I wonder what they do to bare feet. Since the water was low we headed way out and again barely under the sand was an old very rusty swede saw blade about 30" long, in what was part of the usual swimming area.
    Stepped on a pop top...blew out my flip flop...cut my heel, had to cruise on back home...

    Seriously, I don't think they "think" at all. thrillathahunt pretty much summed it up with our image now thanks to TV persona. Not so much "Diggers" but the Savage family certainly hasn't had any beneficial fallout for real hobbyists.

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    Mar 2013
    3 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    No one but us sees the Diggers show as total staged scam. Really, $600 bucks for an old rusty saw or some such garbage? Only a Progressive MSNBC Troll cityslicker or Super Democrat would believe we need more rules to regulate Progressive Fairy Tales. Even a fish can't get caught if he keeps his mouth shut.
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    Jul 2011
    Whites Coinmaster
    3 times
    Its not the shows that are making our hobby harder and harder to enjoy(although it doesnt help much),but rather Its the world itself.As our ecomony gets worse,more and more people are desperate for money.Gold,Silver,Copper,Brass,Tin even cast iron is in high demand.And since mding has been around for awhile now,people around us esp. in the US are getting wise to the idea that they can metal detect their own ground or somewhere else without caring for property or the environment.State parks and beaches are prime targets and are the first place they hit,so rangers or state officers that patrol those areas cant or wont tell if you are a honest guy enjoying the mding hobby or a greedy person that is destroying land just to make a FREE buck.

    Its extremely hard for the average metal detector hobbist to handover their finds that took along time to get from the ground-we are all guilty of lying to rangers or state workers that ask us for any finds from state beaches or parks that was taken illegally(esp. if we had no knowledge of it).But unfortunely as time goes on,the average metal detectors that loves this hobby is going to find more and more places closed off to him due to the ecomony or the rush of too many people destroying land or property over possible treasure in the ground.Look,everyone knows about metal detecting machines,its no secret and spots to detect and dig on.But when too many people starts to rush into the hobby just because they need money to survive,then thats when we as metal detecting hobbists are going to start looking for a new hobby

    So how do we have fun with our hobby?Number ONE:Get to know the person that owns land first where you want to md and get it in writing that you are going to md on such and such day and time-dont close it on one day,have it open for days or weeks.Also have him/her sign it so when you are mding either on their land or private beach/property you will be covered esp if someone comes up to you and says "you cant md here"-you just pull that sign article and show watch them turn colors in lol.State parks and beaches are just too risky to md anymore-i know most dont want to here that but most on these postings have complained about that-why run the risk of getting caught and then having them marking you?I'll give you an example:
    I had a friend that loved to mding on some of NJ state owned beaches-they knew him from run-ins in the field.One day,he crossed over onto a wild-life reserved area and was told not to md on it.He complained ofcourse but obeyed, week later,he got a knock on the door:it was two state police officers and town councilman from that area.Apparently,someone had gone onto that wild-life beach and destroyed the area,left several dozen holes all around on the beach.To make matters worse,some of the wild-life also was found dead due to the holes that were made.Since the ranger could only remember my friend since he seemed to be the last one on that side of the beach-they charged him and got a court-ordered warrent for his house.They found several recent finds with sand on them and took them from him.To make a long story short,three weeks went by,and the ranger caught the real voliator that was responble for the bad deed.My friend was let go but his finds got "lost" somehow.The charges were dropped but never cleared from his record(hes still fighting for his name cleared).As a result,hes not allowed on any state parks or beaches anymore-its very unfair but its hard to fight a court-order document unless you know somebody or are a
    But as you can see that one careless person ruined it for everyone else-so you never know if that beach or park that you want to md doesnt allow you on it didnt have a bad experience connected to it that caused them to act like that-
    food for thought
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