Newspaper story of classic case of "no one cared till you asked" :
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Thread: Newspaper story of classic case of "no one cared till you asked" :

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    Newspaper story of classic case of "no one cared till you asked" :

    Was reading the paper today, and spotted this article. It's about the plight of a local RC controlled model car club. They go out to an un-unused spot of municipal land (vacant fields awaiting supposed development years from now). And apparently were un-bothered for several years.

    Although the article doesn't say someone "went in and asked 'can we?' " type questions, yet ... as you can see from where I circled in yellow, that apparently the issue "came to light" to some city bureaucrat. How in the world this was "not known to the city" for all those years is beyond me. Because it's right out in the open. And so that we're clear: The buildings they talk about in this article (old army buildings slated for demolition ) are off in the distance. And is a "red-herring" for the issue of the guys using the open ground off-yonder-from-there.

    As you can see from the RC car buff club member's quote: "We should have kept our mouths shut".

    As I read this, I thought of how md'rs find themselves in the same boat: There are probably LOTS of places you can md (parks) and be totally ignored. But the moment you go seeking sanctions, clarifications, permissions, etc.... well gee, .... it has to go past the city lawyer. And you must get a parade permit, and insurance, blah blah blah. Ie.: the "safe" answer when, in fact, nobody really cared.

    To get zoomed in enough to read the print, you have to click on the pix.
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    Hey Shania Twain is going to debut her first new album after 15 years..............oh wait that was the wrong article!

    Yep I agree Tom, don't draw attention to yourself until somebody approaches you.
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    What's that old saying? It's easier to ask for forgivness than permission?
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    If you do not ask permission to treasure hunting on private property, then off to jail you may go.

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    Depends on the type of treasure hunting you are doing. Looking for coins with a MD? Not likely at all. Looking for copper wire in a construction site at 3AM? Totally possible.

    Edit to add: I had an old Czech fellow from the old country (in communist times) tell me that the most confusing thing coming here was that he didn't have to ask permission for everything. There, he said, what was not allowed was forbidden. Here, what was not forbidden was allowed. A huge difference philosophically speaking, and I fear our country moves ever closer away from the latter and closer to the former.
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    When I was a kid back in the early 1960's, there was a comic strip called "There Oughta Be a Law" by Warren Whipple. . . this whole scenario no one cared until you asked reminded me of that.

    What a shame
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    More like a warning and if past that, a ticket/fine. I don't condone trespassing but I also don't condone having a little fun at the expense of nothing/nobody.

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    Come out from under your bed today...... DO SOMETHING!

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    I went to the Monterey Herald site to read it before comment. Sure enough, looks to be a "should'a shut up" scenario. City ignored parties and graffiti on the grounds until someone made some noise. You can easily see through the city's double-speak. Nice post, Tom, and a good example to your point of view. Tnx. TTC

    EDIT: (even if not my point of view, a good post)
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