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Thread: What are the federal laws in USA regarding finding a buried coin cache?

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    May 2017
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    What are the federal laws in USA regarding finding a buried coin cache?

    I will not hold anyone liable for anything if their answer isn't in complete alignment with the current federal laws and regulations, I just want some perspective.

    Say I get permission to dig on someone's property and I find a buried cache. Say I signed a written agreement with the landowner prior to finding the treasure detailing that we both get 50/50. What must I do then with the treasure? Am i to contact the I.R.S.? What else should I do to declare my finding? How much are they going to take? Say I find $1,000,000 in gold coins, and I split it with the landowner 50/50, So I get $500,000, how much should I expect big brother to be taking away? Say this finding is not in California, so exclude that state and their laws from your answer.

    Thank you in advance for any answers you may have for me!
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    Sep 2015
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    Best advice, contact a great tax lawyer. Good hunting and good luck.

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    Jun 2015
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    You owe nothing until you decide to sell.

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    Dec 2007
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    Until you convert the treasure into US dollars, I think you are clear of liability. Or if you trade it for something of value.
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    Dec 2007
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    And capital gains tax is 28%. So about one third goes to Uncle Sam.

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    Jul 2013
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    OR do the 'right' thing and keep your mouth shut and if you decide to sell, do it a little at a time. Do NOT call the news station to brag about your finds.
    As far as the Govt knows, this has been in your family for generations. Why give them 28% ?

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    Feb 2010
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    Didn't the IRS force the people that found the bucket of gold coins in CA. to sell them? Put a value on the coins and forced them to pay the tax anyway. If I ever find a cache it'll be one coin at a time. Good luck.

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    Jan 2010
    DFW Texas
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    Loose lips sink ships.

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    Nov 2012
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    You just get a lawyer in your state to give you good legal advice. And pay him for it. Of course the chance of finding a million worth of anything these days is like having a bus sized meteor land safely in your front lawn....today.

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    Mar 2014
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    If you really have to talk to someone about a million dollar find talk to a tax attorney first. Large finds may be considered treasure troves and state/federal rules for your area would need to be known. Federal will want their cut of what they think its worth automatically as the find will be considered income even if you have not sold anything. A good example of this came to light a few years ago when a fan caught a baseball that had set a record for a player. Its worth, according to the IRS, was a million dollars and the fan was immediately contacted for the capital tax on the ball. Needless to say it was sold shortly after to settle the bill.
    As far as your written contract with the property owner it will stand that you must honor it and taxes would be shared accordingly.
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    Everyone Believes they have gold buried in the back yard... small wonder so few ever look for it.

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    We Build, We Fight!

    Aug 2007
    Santa Cruz, CA.
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    Is this a hypothetical situation or is there more to your first post here?!?
    SeabeeRon Santa Cruz,CA.

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    Aug 2005
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    Till someone see's you with the loot, why do you feel you gotta tell Uncle Sam anything? KEEP YOUR PIE HOLE SHUT. Geez, some guys.
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    Mar 2007
    Salinas, CA
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    Great topic. Enjoyed reading the answers thus far.

    Per the answers that have a variation on "ask a tax lawyer": As a business owner: I can tell you for A FACT that you will often-time be given the "safe" or "book" answer to your "pressing question" . That's not to say it's not a GREAT (or real or true or whatever) answer. But is it the realistic answer ? It's like asking someone "can I spit on sidewalks?" What answer do you want to hear ?

    If your question is about tax obligation, and a few of the answers thus far: A common misconception is that you only pay taxes at time of sale. Or only have income based on face value (ie.: a $10 gold piece is $10 , despite being worth $10k numismatically). If you care to read and weep: read up on the folks that found the cache in CA (while walking their dog, just eyeballed). Evidentally they were supposed to pay taxes on the value EVEN IF NOT SOLD YET, in the year they found it.

    And I know you said to disclude CA as the state. But if you wanted to rattle enough chains of bored tax lawyers in other states, you might end up with the same "safe" answer to your "pressing" question.

    As for seabee-Ron's input: yes: do shed more light. Did you find something ?
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    Metal detecting is my one worldy vice!

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    Sep 2015
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I am outrage over # 6, & # 7. Do not cheat IRS and therefore the good people of our country.

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    Feb 2005
    MI USA
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    I would not be seeking legal advice on a random forum.

    Me, I would honor any agreement I made as far as 50/50, and no one else but the other 50 and me would have a need to know.


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