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    Legal inquiry

    If someone finds a huge ancient Egyptian treasure in Lebanon, what's the legal status? Ancient Egyptians ruled over vast areas up to inside nowadays Turkey along the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Shall the finders talk to the UN, just to be sure they will get a reward? What to do? Lebanon is in a state of mess, and telling the government there simply means the treasure will be looted. It belongs to humanity. Any advice?

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    Hypothetical or actual status ? "treasure" = what ? I mean ... a few coins ? A jar of coins ? An entire vault of gold and silver ? And your question also depends on whether you want the technical answer ? Or the realistic answer .

    Dunno the laws in that specific country, but I'm going to assume that the technical answer is that you can't keep so much as a single individual coin-found. And if you asked enough archies and pencil-jockeys there, I'm sure they'd say "you must give it all to us".

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    Mideast counties have been having success over the years for the return of many museum collections. I doubt it would be allowed to leave country. People have watched too much Indiana Jones.

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    Logic tells me that if the treasure was found on government property, the government will claim it. You'd have to look up the laws regarding private property finds. If I found it on my own property, I'd definitely keep it quiet until I got professional legal advice from someone who knows that area of the law. Egypt might try to claim it, but, unless they can prove it was stolen, I doubt they would prevail in an unbiased court of law. We'd love to see some photos!
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