Legality of detecting on beaches and in woodland area
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Thread: Legality of detecting on beaches and in woodland area

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    Legality of detecting on beaches and in woodland area

    I just purchased Nokta Makro Simplex+ (I am soooo excited!) and I wanted to check the grounds with you guys first. I am planning a beach to Newquay and there is a beautiful beach there. Is it legal to just run around with a metal detector? I am super stoked to try it out and also actually get my feet wet and check how the water detecting function works. And my second question concerns pond in half wide areas like a nature reservation or rivers running through woods area. Can I use my detector there legally or do I need a permission or is it illegal in general? Thanks!
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    See if there's a detecting club in your area. That will be the best way for you to learn where you can hunt and the members will help you tremendously! Good luck and welcome to T-Net!
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    Welcome to Tnet! You're hunting in the U.K.? I believe anything found over 50 years old has to be run by a coroner first before you can keep it, and maybe not even then if it's considered treasure trove or if a museum wants it. Best to check the rules yourself to see what they are, or as SD51 mentioned, join a metal detecting club to see how they handle those types of finds. The laws regarding metal detecting should be posted somewhere. As for your detector, it's a good entry level detector for land and fresh water use. Being single frequency, it won't be a good ocean beach machine in the wet sand or water. You'll have to reduce the sensitivity way down to get it stable and will lose some depth in the process. It should work fine in the dry sand however. Good Luck!
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    You may wish to see if the Launceston Detectorists are still in business.
    "The group is hoping to help more and more people find their precious belongings. They do not charge, but always welcome a donation to the club. To ask for their assistance, call 07825 156 123.For those who would be interested in joining the Launceston Detectorists, the club meets on the first Monday of each month. Find them on Facebook."
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    Welcome to TreasureNet. Good luck!
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