Banned from searching, but not from finding?
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Thread: Banned from searching, but not from finding?

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    Nov 2020
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    Banned from searching, but not from finding?

    In Northern Ireland, Sweden, Latvia, Canada, excavations can be conducted on private properties only with the permission granted by the owner of the land. You can freely search for treasures in Australia, the USA, the Canary Islands and the states of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, India, Uganda, Mexico, Vietnam, the Maldives and Latin American countries.In the United States, the centuries-old treasures must also be handed over to the state if they are found on the land that belongs to the federal government. Treasures found on the private territory belong to the finder or are shared with the land's owner.

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    Sep 2016
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    "United States, the centuries-old treasures must also be handed over to the state if they are found on the land that belongs to the federal government"

    That would depend on what you call treasure. if it is a native American artifact, yes you need to turn it over, if it has historic value, yes you need to give it up. if you find gold, silver or coins, you can keep it. if you find an old ship wreck there is a ton of paperwork, then you are supposed to fight with the country of the ships origin, which if it was Spain, they stole it from the Americas using slave labor, I've yet to figure out how they should have any rights.

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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Items found on private property in the US do not need to be “turned” over to anyone regardless of historical or monetary value.
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    Jan 2016
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    Who would ever report it tho. Theres plenty of places to sell stuff like that and tons of collectors.

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    Here in the U.S. you need property owners permission to enter, let alone "excavate." We cannot freely excavate anywhere we want.
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