I think I found Lafittes treasure
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Thread: I think I found Lafittes treasure

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    Feb 2021
    Gulf Coast
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    I think I found Lafitte's treasure

    While flying my drone along a local watershed after hurricane Sally I was filming trees that had blown with only the intentions of familiarizing myself with my drone. I first noticed what appeared to be an ancient shipwreck, then while filming trees that had blown over I saw something that to me didn't look natural. I have now spent the past year flying the area, researching Jean Lafitte and other pirates, and flying other areas that have for one reason or another inspired me to investigate. My dilemma is the primary area is on state lands in Alabama. Alabama state law says a treasure trove cannot be claimed on state lands because the finder would have to excavate or trespass to locate it. So my question is, what do I do? As of now, I have not done either as I was flying over a public waterway and hurricane Sally did the excavation necessary to expose it whatever it is. I am hesitant to notify the State simply because I don't want to look like a moron when it turns out to be an illegal dumpsite or something. Whatever it is, it's been there over 70 years(I think 2-3x that), many items appear to be metal but show no rust, and there appear be clusters of objects like one would expect to see if the chest originally holding them had rotted away. If I could get close enough to put my hands on it and verify it is what I think it is, I would hire a lawyer and begin the battle. But right now, everything I have is highly suggestive or a treasure of some type, but nothing concrete. ANY ADVICE would be appreciated.

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    Welcome to Tnet .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
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    Aug 2014
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    Only one way to find out... and thats to dive it.
    IF you do this... dont remove anything... dont dig... IF you see anything that would indicate it is a shipwreck of some type... especially if you see cannons or otherwise...
    just document it in video and pictures.

    I will tell you this... your time is running short to do this.

    The storm may have uncovered her... but the sand will be moving back in like it was very quickly... whats there today will be gone tomorrow at some point... and even quicker than you are / will be thinking.
    I have seen things gone in days... weeks... a month... all different time to do so... Once covered with sand... will almost certainly be covered again.

    THEN... and only after the above do you "have a leg to stand on"... or will justify your next move... including lawyers etc.
    IT IS NOT against the law to dive and take photographs... but beyond that you will risk loosing it all.

    Oh yeah... also... tell no one ANY co-ords...

    Guard this location information closely.... don't even speak of general areas.
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    May 2012
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    I'm not familiar with state law there regarding trespass.
    Where I am state land is accessible to be on. Yes , there are likely exceptions. But I've game hunted many areas of the states holdings.
    State land for the most part is free range for citizens.

    You need to do a recon.
    IF you are allowed on the site.

    Treasure let alone Laffite is quite a jump from seeing something that catches your eye.
    But if it bugs you , stick with it.
    First find the law if any regarding access to the site.
    Then check it out if you can be there.
    If not , what would you gain by disclosing your hunch to someone or an entity that can access it?

    Did Lafitte leave treasure unrecovered by himself or agents or allies?
    IF interrupted in plans , perhaps.
    Options existed for revisiting sites. As well as direction folks to a site.
    Avoiding attracting attention factored. As well as avoiding hostilities or conflicts with rivals. Not unlike you today. Except for observation from above your drone watching you.

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    Dec 2012
    MXT-PRO Sandshark
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    I didn’t see that it underwater
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    Nov 2016
    Whites, Garrett, Minelab
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    Only one way to know, go the site itself and confirm with your own hands on the goods, oh and don't forget to take clear pictures!
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    Sep 2020
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    I hope it,s what you think and I hope you can retrieve it.Best of luck!
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    Aug 2021
    Bayport, FL
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    Go retrieve it pirate style!
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    May 2011
    tujunga ca
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    why cant you get close enough with the drone to see what it is? take pictures with the drone??
    good luck
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    Sep 2020
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1637 View Post
    why cant you get close enough with the drone to see what it is? take pictures with the drone??
    good luck
    You know we like pictures.

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    Apr 2017
    Fisher F75, Minelab Soveriegn XS 2 Nokta pinpointer
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    I would consult Mr F Keepers and ask the FBI to help me




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