Fred Burke Treasure (MO)
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    Fred Burke Treasure (MO)

    Back in 92 I read an article about Fred Burke in Treasure Magazine. Fred Burke was a gangster and reported as one of the gunman in the St. Valentine Murders in Chicago and reportedly robbed banks and jewelry stores.

    While visiting family in Kirksville,MO my son and I decided to give it a shot. We didn't have much to go on besides the magazine article at that time, but by chance I met 2 very sweet old lady's who were part of a triplet. They told me their deceased sister use to date the Gangster and that she worked in a Diner. Fred set up a real estate business in Green City. As far as the location they couldn't help much. None the less their stories were interesting.

    I decided to goto the Milian Library and by chance the story is very well documented and a school paper coupled with an old county map pointed me in the right direction.

    Following the old newspaper article and the county map it got us in a very close area of the site and of course by luck I talked to an old farmer who by chance was a kid and witnessed the raid on the house and pointed to the location and told me who owned the land. The house was moved I was informed and the old barn was torn down decades ago.

    The owners name was Acres I believe and the site was turned into cow pasture. At the time there were black bulls pinned up.

    I didn't get to do a good search of the area. Having a cheap detector and bad weather messed the trip up, but the stories I got from the locals in the area made it worth the trip.

    Now this was nearly 20 years ago and my memory isn't too sharp, but I believe the site was on state highway B, the site was off to the right. Further down about a quarter mile was Mr Acres house which was on the left.

    To find the area, just visit that library and follow my steps and most likely you can find the area.

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    Re: Fred Burke Treasure (MO)

    Great storey, this one is making me curious...can you give me more of the story?
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