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Thread: Buried 1953 Corvettes?

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    Oct 2010
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    Buried 1953 Corvettes? Perryville Texas

    OK, so my buddy is telling me a story about a rich guy he just met who ended up with a 1953 Corvette that he sold for $2.2M. I was pretty skeptical that someone could trade their way from some equipment and end up with a $2.2M vette. Anyway, I tried to look it up figuring there should be some historical data, as it supposedly happened recently. While looking, I came across a website with some comments at the bottom: The Corvette Story: 1953 Corvette The guy commenting says: 2 lost 53 corvettsThe dealer in perryton texas burried 2 53 corvetts in his field on his ranch. he just could not sell them back then so he pushed them in a wash on the ranch and covered them with dirt. They are still there today. or whats left of them

    Again, I am a skeptic by nature. I cannot believe that a dealer would waste 2 brand new cars. Why not just sell them at a loss rather than a total loss. But then again, every legend is based on a kernel of truth. There were only a few hundred of the first year vettes produced. If it was somehow true I would think those cars would be worth some pretty good coin even in the roughest of shape. It should be fairly easy to figure out who the dealer was and where his property was at that time.

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    Sep 2012
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    Tempted to say it would be too junked but here's a cool article about a buried '57 Plymouth that was recently dug up in surprisingly decent shape.

    Amazing: Amazing...Buried car being dug up after 50 years

    Granted it had some kind of protective cover on it.

    Interesting story regardless, so much so that it prompted me to register, been a corvette head for years, had a '97 and a '77 was almost my first car (long story).

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    Oct 2010
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    Great link on the buried Plymouth. It was in pretty bad shape. I wonder what happened to the car after all of that.
    Were the 1953s fiberglass? Maybe if the vette story is true they would have fared better in Texas soil.

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    Nov 2010
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    The vault is probably what ruined the Plymouth, since it had two feet of water in it. Should have been just covered up, and it would have stayed dry, unless the water table got higher

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    Sep 2012
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    All of the corvettes were fiberglass.

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    A train wrecked near Circleville Ohio back in the sixties and a friend of mines father was on the work crew that dug a big ditch with dozer and shoved a traincar load of new corvettes in and buried them...right beside the tracks. Then of course everyone knows about the two new 56/57? chevies found in a box car down in georgia/florida.
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    Oct 2010
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    When I posted the original story about the vettes I was pretty skeptical that a dealer would just junk a brand new car. Then i recently was told about a dealer in Nebraska who is having an auction. Apparently he would take his left over stock and warehouse it. He has around fifty 50 year old cars with no miles on them. As well, it sound like he kept a pile of his trades as well(500 cars total). I read a little deeper and some people claim that some of these "brand new" old cars with no miles were towed to their farm field and parked to rot. So, in my mind that makes the two buried vette stories a little more plausible. Yahoo!

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    Oct 2010
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    Jul 2013
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    Hard stories to believe.

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    Mar 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by txstreasureship View Post
    All of the corvettes were fiberglass.
    I believe the '53 Vettes were a steel body

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    Any idea on the supposed location of the 2 vets

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    Feb 2010
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    I realize this thread has been brought back from the dead having been posted 2 years ago. But to clarify.. ALL Corvettes since the beginning have had fiberglass bodies. 53 models were convertibles so if they were buried the tops & interiors are surely completely junk. The frames, engines, and suspension parts are all Steel and will also be junk. Unless they were buried in water tight containers, if the story is even true, they will be a total loss. Even in containers humidity & condensation have likely taken their toll.
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