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    Feb 2004
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    Within 70 mile away cache

    I am realeasing this lead to the world.Good luck everyone.

    This is a unpublished but verified lead. Within 70 miles of anywhere,any-town is a vast cache of lost loot.This will give you instructions to pinpoint the target. Recovery is your problem.
    But there is a curse to this story.

    The Curse.
    No person of evil will ever possess this treasure and live.
    Sometimes we are our own downfall. Greed is stupid it will also destroy you.

    Also be careful of what you ask for, you might get it.

    Times were different back then,or were they? Someone,somewhere had a large amount of loot. Security back then was important.Many places did not have banks or was it that they did not trust banks? I don't remember which one it was.

    As they had all this loot by nature others knew about the wealth as it has to be handed to our hero by other people,for him to acquire it.

    Well times were dark back then. There were evil people that wanted what he had. Our hero was aware of the evil. So in order to protect his wealth he took steps.

    I can't remember how he earned his wealth. It was a businessman or a robber or someone who worked hard all his life and saved. Anyway that is not important. Our hero is concerned about providing for his family as he approaches the twilight of his life.

    So our hero, understanding human nature went out alone because he could trust himself. And he concealed his wealth. No one knows if he put it in one or many places. But it is a good guess it was somewhere on his property.

    He hid the loot carefully so he would not forget where he put it. It was noted in the mind carefully. He placed it close to certain markers, or maybe he placed an object like a large flat rock on top of it,or it could be in the middle of three objects like trees or something. The important thing is this money was intended to do good things.

    He might have told a family member or maybe he died unexpectedly with out telling others. But the loot still waits to do its good things.

    This tale is true. So is the curse

    I am looking for Pandora's Box. I have got to see what is inside.

    Proud to be Rogue.

    Expedition Central America: T minus 2 months and counting!

    This time with Satellite Internet connection!

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    Jan 2005
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    Re: Within 70 mile away cache

    huh? can you be a little more specific?
    "Wisdom comes not from knowing everything, but  knowing from whom to ask!"

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    Dec 2003
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    Re: Within 70 mile away cache

    I think it's just his way of saying there are caches burried everywhere, & in alot of different ways. Nothing we don't already know

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    Sep 2007
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    Re: Within 70 mile away cache

    I agree with #2. Any updates?

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    Jun 2011
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    Re: Within 70 mile away cache

    Well put. Poetic and probably very accurate.

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    Feb 2012
    Montgomery, Alabama
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    Re: Within 70 mile away cache

    I don't smoke but pass me the bong
    At the end of the day if my family build another memory that is the "real" treasure we all can find, and have fun while doing it.



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