Greenwood/ Avalon MS---Stag OLee and Jesse James buried money
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    Dec 2006
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    Greenwood/ Avalon MS---Stag O'Lee and Jesse James buried money

    Sure, Frank James. I'll tell you, now this is my ideas, I believe, I told you I wouldn't say for sure. I believe I seen Frank about ten or twelve years ago. I believe I seen him. He didn't say anything about who he was and I didn't ask him and nobody else knew. Only by this name, nobody knows where he come from, they don't know. But all of a sudden one day he appeared up in a little town, no town a little stop on the railroad. When you came through Avalon coming to my home, why just before you come to Avalon, two miles north of Avalon, you come right throught the place, the place they call the floor of the Mississippi, alright. This man appeared up on the floor there one day. So he settled down there for about, just about three weeks, that's all. In the mornings some lumbermen, and build him a, just a nice little one room house. Just one room sealed it nice and everything. This is right. I don't know where he come from but the first time we ever went into his place of business, he sold whiskey. He sold whiskey and he had a safe, money safe in this little building. That's all, chair to sit down. A little cookin place, you get all this in one room. So he sold whiskey, they said, I don't know, well I know, I drank some of the whiskey. It was good too. It was just like this, why get it from a store around here, had a label across it and they said that this was his name, Kid Daughter. Kid Daughter whiskey. It was good, so all I know, all of a sudden, three weeks, well probably a month, he asked a question. "Is that place far from here, is that place far from here name of Peoc?" He said, "Well you know, Stag O'Lee and Jesse James, you know, there's barrels of money buried." He said they buried a lot of money along some hills east as you going into Peoc. Told him "Yeah. Along the Vista Valley, along them hills, they buried lots of money." I had heard that before, I heard Mr. Lee a little judge of country a white farmer many a day, he'd call us. I heard him say that day these people buried money along. But that day, after he asked that question about Peoc, all of a sudden he disappeared. Nobody know when he left or which way he left. That's right. I say uh, huh. I see, he was on trail of that money he comin to get the money.



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